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13 Must-See Speakers at the LMA Annual Conference 2018

Person Speaking at a ConferenceIf you’ve read Thomson Reuters’ latest report on the state of the legal market, you know that law firms are struggling to grow. This puts added pressure on legal marketing and business development teams across law firms to turn things around and perform. To rise to the challenge, law firm marketers need to stay on top of business development trends, emerging technologies, and best practices if they want to help grow their firms.

If you’re one of those legal marketers feeling the mounting pressure, the Legal Marketing Association’s Annual Conference is the perfect place to stay up-to-date on what’s trending in the legal industry. In the business of helping legal business development teams reach their goals, it’s the reason why Introhive attends and sponsors the conference every year.

To help you get the most out of this year’s LMA annual conference, here are the 13 speakers you need to see for leading tips, trends, best practices, tools, and more.


Sharpen Your Law Firm's Competitive Edge1. David Ackert

David AckertFew are more qualified to discuss business development than David Ackert. President of Ackert Inc., a legal business development consulting firm, David has the research, strategies, and tactics that can help your firm attract new business or grow current client retainers. At LMA, you can expect David to provide plenty of legal development trends, pipeline strategies, and important findings from his law firm surveys.

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2. Timothy Corcoran

Timothy CorcoranPart of the challenge that many law firms face when it comes to business development is that their lawyers simply don’t have the time. Or, business development efforts take the back seat compared to their legal duties. But even though they don’t have the time or have conflicting priorities, pressure still mounts for lawyers to bring in new business and grow revenue. As the Principal at Corcoran Consulting Group, Timothy Corcoran can provide helpful insights to improve your processes and project management so your legal marketers feel empowered to take on those tasks.

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3. Nancy Furman Paul

Nancy Furman PaulPart of the reason why conferences like LMA are so effective are because they allow you to see what your peers and competitors are doing. From common challenges to surprising successes, there’s plenty of new trends and tactics you can uncover. To help you unearth those trends and tactics, Nancy Furman Paul of Bloomberg Law is participating in a breakout session with two others on our list: Kimberly Rennick and Alina Gorokhovsky. Together, they will go through the results of the 2018 LMA & Bloomberg Law Survey and how you can use those results to increase marketing’s influence on your firm.

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4. Brian Kuhn

Brian KuhnOne of the top trends affecting the legal industry and generating plenty of buzz is artificial intelligence. If you’re curious about AI’s potential role in the legal space, Brain Kuhn is a credible source of inspiration as the leader of IBM Watson Legal Solutions. During Brian’s joint session with two additional speakers on this list, you can expect to hear leading tactics on how to leverage AI at your firm and also discover how AI will impact the legal industry as a whole.

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5. Elizabeth Duffy

Elizabeth DuffyCompetitive intelligence (CI) is making waves in the legal industry as it helps firms predict what their competition is doing in the marketplace. With greater insight into competing firm activity, firms can innovate earlier to rise above the competition. Elizabeth Duffy, Vice President of Acritas (a legal market research, analysis, and advisory services firm), is familiar with competitive intelligence and its many benefits for law firms. Her session, presented alongside Marcie Borgal Shunk, is a must-attend event as you can discover how to create a CI team, which CI tools are the most effective, and other CI best practices that will help you elevate your firm from the rest.

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6. Kimberly Bell

Kimberly BellServing as the Head of Legal Operations for Nissan Group of North America, Kimberly Bell has first-hand experiences when it comes to leveraging AI in legal operations. Her session along with Brian Kuhn and Mark Green is a can’t-miss event as they can provide practical perspectives on legal AI and how it has and will continue to impact legal departments and firms.

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7. Mark Greene

Mark GreeneAs the president of Market Intelligence, Mark Greene is very familiar with helping professional services firms glean insights from market research and competitive intelligence to make smarter business decisions. In addition, Mark consults with firms on artificial intelligence and helps them form processes that leverage AI to improve their firm. Joined alongside Kimberly Bell and Brian Kuhn, their session is a triple threat.

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8. Marcie Borgal Shunk

Marcie Borgal ShunkFounder and president of The Tilt Institute, a legal analytics and intelligence firm, Marcie Borgal Shunk is another leader in the CI realm. Participating alongside Elizabeth Duffy, Marcie can share her own firm’s case studies, CI tactics, and how to leverage them within law firms. With both of their tips and tricks, your firm will be more informed on what your competition is doing, helping you make more informed go-to-market strategies that win.

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9. Michael Blachly

Michael BlachlyIn today’s legal market, growth is hard to come by as found in the previously mentioned Thomson Reuters report. Following the trend of flat growth, law firms need to re-strategize if they want to progress in 2018. Fortunately, Michael Blachly is speaking with Michelle Murray and Steven Boutwell to help you defy the odds and achieve growth. Serving Gray Reed & McGraw LLP as their Director of Marketing and Business Development, Michael knows what it takes to grow a law firm in today’s market.

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10. Michelle Murray

Michelle MurrayTo weigh-in on legal marketing and business development best practices, Michelle Murray will also join the discussion with Michael Blachly and Steven Boutsell. As the CMO for Cahil Gordon & Renidell LLP, Michelle is another speaker that is perfectly positioned to offer growth strategies and tactics that apply specifically to the legal industry. Considering that Michelle has had to adapt her own law firm to the changing market, she can offer plenty of first-hand experiences and success.

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11. Kimberly Rennick

Kimberly RennickAs previously mentioned, Kimberly Rennick, the Chief Client Development & Marketing Officer from Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP, will be going through the 2018 LMA & Bloomberg Law Survey along with Nancy Furman Paul and Alina Gorokhovsky. In reviewing the survey’s findings, Kimberly can share what’s been working and what hasn’t within the legal market and how you can adapt your strategies to fit them.

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12. Steven Boutwell

Steven BoutwellSteven Boutwell, COO of Kean Miller LLP, will also be joining Michael Blachly and Michelle Murray as another legal marketing expert who can help your firm stay ahead of the curve and achieve growth in an otherwise flat market. In their breakout session, you will receive insights into the latest legal business development trends, cross-selling best practices, and how to measure the success of your efforts.

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13. Alina Gorokhovsky

Alina GorokhovskyAnother legal CMO with a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw from, Alina Gorokhovsky of Wiley Rein LLP will participate in Kimberly and Nancy’s session to review the findings from the 2018 LMA & Bloomberg Law Survey. After gleaning insights and trends from the survey, Alina can also help you use those insights to affect change in your firm.

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Don’t Miss Out

To ensure you don’t miss out on meeting or hearing from the above speakers, check out the 2018 LMA annual conference agenda and plan ahead. From leveraging artificial intelligence to discovering current legal trends, there is plenty for you to uncover at this year’s event.

If you’re attending the annual conference this year, we’d love to meet you. Visit Introhive at Booth 409 to learn how our relationship intelligence tools can help take your law firm to new heights.

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