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2017 LMA President Jill Weber Shares How the LMA Conference Advances Careers Faster

Introhive | lma 2017 conference featured image | 2017 LMA President Jill Weber Shares How the LMA Conference Advances Careers FasterWhether you’re new to legal marketing or a well-seasoned pro, you’re going to walk out of the Legal Marketing Association conference with exclusive insight that will help you do your job better and advance your career.

“There’s no other event that offers the depth and breadth of legal marketing knowledge,” says Jill Weber, 2017 President of the Legal Marketing Association (LMA). “You’ll be constantly learning, during educational sessions and even networking and social events.”

Jill relates her own conference experience. During lunch at the 2014 LMA Annual Conference in Orlando, Jill was seated next to a marketing professional from a firm that was almost the polar opposite of her employer. “She represented a firm of about 10 plaintiff attorneys, and I represented a corporate firm of 450 attorneys in 13 offices,” explains Jill. “We had such completely different target markets. But as I spoke with her, I was astonished by what we had in common and how much I learned from our conversation.”

The ability to network with a wide variety of legal marketing and business development professionals is one of the LMA Conference’s key benefits, says Jill. “It brings together 1,500 people from across the country and the world who you would not otherwise meet. It isn’t just the programs and terrific speakers that you’ll learn from, it’s the people who you’ll just start to chat with at a reception, lunch or dinner who could very well transform how you view what you do.”

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, act fast because the conference is only about a week away – March 27 through 29 – at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas. Getting there will be well worth your time and investment, says Jill, no matter what your position or experience.

First-timers will set the foundation for success.
The conference is built around the essentials that legal marketers must embrace to excel in their position as outlined by the LMA’s Body of Knowledge:

  • Business Development which drives new business and revenue for law firms – both directly and indirectly – through client and prospect outreach, attorney coaching and mentoring, and market intelligence.
  • Business of Law which includes understanding the legal profession, evaluating firm financial and operational performance, building strategies to leverage market opportunities and implementing practices that maximize performance.
  • Client Services which consists of techniques, processes and standards by which professional staff serve the lawyers in the firm and the clients of the firm, including the disciplines of project management and process improvement.
  • Communications which entails developing and implementing internal and external messaging strategies to broaden the impact of a firm’s programs and brand position.
  • Marketing Management and Leadership which establishes and effectively manages a highly functioning marketing organization through people and processes that foster collaboration and drive overall business objectives.
  • Technology Management which includes identification, implementation and effective management of the technologies and staff that support marketing and business development.

For a deep dive into each of these topics, be sure to attend the LMA QuickStart® Legal Marketing Essentials pre-conference program. “It makes it easy for those who are new to marketing, or legal marketing specifically, to gain a solid foundation from which they can launch their legal marketing careers,” says Jill.

Mid-level marketers will enhance expertise
“When you’re more advanced in your career, you become more of a specialist,” notes Jill. “Perhaps your focus is business development, or pricing and project management. Our conference is structured so you can easily pinpoint the most valuable sessions.”

A program key helps attendees note which Body of Knowledge topic each session relates to and whether the information provided will be basic or advanced.
LMA Session Breakout Key

But what Jill believes will be most valuable to mid-level marketers is the many networking opportunities the conference provides.

“You’ll establish relationships, especially with those who are outside of your market, that will be great peer resources for learning all year long,” she notes. “When you’re talking to someone who is in the firm across the street, you may not be able to share information. But when you’re talking with someone who is in another chapter, where you’re not targeting the same client base, it’s a great opportunity to share knowledge.”

Senior-level marketers will gain a clearer view of the big picture
“If you are a senior-level marketer, be sure to attend the CMO Summit, our pre-conference program,” says Jill. “It focuses on the big-picture issues that matter to law firms.”

Jill believes that keynote speaker, Zoë Chance, the Assistant Professor of Marketing for the Yale School of Management, will be of special interest to those who are advanced in their career because she will discuss mastering influence.

“ Zoe has conducted informative research at organizations like Google to demonstrate how you can leverage persuasion tactics to change and modify behavior,” says Jill. “I think a lot of what we do, especially as experienced legal marketing and business development professionals, is to influence business-development behavior.”

Convinced that it’s time to advance your career with a trip to Las Vegas?  Find out more about the conference, and when you get there, be sure to visit us at the Introhive booth (#420) in the Exhibit Hall.  We’d love to meet you.

Introhive | Sharpen Your Law Firms Competitive Edge 1 | 2017 LMA President Jill Weber Shares How the LMA Conference Advances Careers Faster

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