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4 Reasons We Love Hubspot

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One week ago, we posted about how we love the Salesforce AppExchange. We also love Hubspot. Over the past couple of years inbound marketing and marketing automation platforms have risen in popularity for their effectiveness of assisting marketing departments with demand generation.

Here at Introhive, there are a number of benefits that we see from leveraging the power of these kinds of platforms. In our case we use HubSpot, coupled with WordPress for our blog, to handle our inbound marketing efforts. Here are four of the benefits that we see from them:

Account Intelligence

One of the most beneficial components of using HubSpot is the account intelligence that we can see. HubSpot gives us a platform that allows us to see all the activities of a particular person or company – from the pages they’ve visited on the site, to the content they have downloaded from us, to the emails they’ve opened and received. On top of this, all of this data is fully integrated into our Salesforce instance to make sure that the rest of the organization is fully up-to-date on all the interactions that are happening with these people and companies.

Time Management

Another key benefit that we see is on the time management side. As we are a smaller but growing marketing department, it is extremely beneficial for us to create multiple workflows that automatically distribute multiple email campaigns to a group of people at once. Automating this initial touch-base then allows marketing to focus on creating more demand for the top of the funnel while screening individuals so that members of our sales team are only spending their time talking with prospects who are ready to buy.

Targeted Content

Personalization is another major benefit that we see from using a platform such as HubSpot. Their tool allows us to personalize all of our content, whether it is through dynamic content in the emails that we create or by automatically adding people to specific workflows and campaigns based off past criteria (whether it is activity on our site or data from their profile such as geographic region, title, or department). Having targeted and personalized content dramatically helps our conversion rates by providing individuals with content that matters to their current situation.


Another key benefit that we see with HubSpot is their all-in-one solution. For a marketing department that isn’t large and has teams dedicated to specific functions within marketing, having multiple tools inside of one platform is huge for us. Some of the actions HubSpot allows us to perform include:

  • Manage all our email workflows and list management
  • Create all our landing pages for our content offerings
  • Manage our SEO and the specific keywords attracting people to our site
  • Manage our social presence (from both a publishing and monitoring standpoint)
  • Monitor the companies that are visiting our website but have not yet converted via our website or content forms
  • Report on multiple components such as our website source activity and then attribute not just our leads but also our customers to these sources

These are just some of the benefits that we have seen during our time while using HubSpot. We’d love to hear some of the platforms that you are using for demand generation and how they have helped.

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