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4 Security Questions to Ask Companies Handling Your Data

Data breaches increased by 40% last year, and almost every day, some type of data breach is making the headlines. So, of course, data security and privacy is of the utmost importance. Make sure your data is secure by asking any company that’s handling your data these questions:

1. How do you encrypt data?
Make sure that they are using the most advanced encryption when the data is both  transported and stored.

2. Can I control the types of data that are automatically stored?
Only work with companies that will allow you to store as little or as much information as you want. For instance, with Introhive customer relationship automation, you can very specifically select which data is stored. Let’s say you want to store emails, but not from mergers and acquisitions. With Introhive, you can exclude them. Plus, you can choose which parts of your emails you want to save. You may only want to know who is sending it and when they’re sending it to instantly identify the last touch point. Or you may want to include the subject so you know  the nature of the communication. Or, you may want to include the entire communication. We advise you to work with companies that allow you to specifically select the information that is processed and that you want to save.

3. Where will the data reside?
It is illegal in some countries, such as Germany and Canada, for certain types of information to leave their borders. This is called data localization, and you can expect more laws that support it according to an article published this month in Jurist. Countries want to keep their citizens’ data within their borders and subject to local regulations. The implications and logistical issues related this could be extremely challenging if you don’t have a vendor with data centers where you need them to be.

4. Can I store the data onsite?
If the only way that you will sleep at night is knowing that all of your data is stored behind a firewall within your company, make sure you select a vendor that can accommodate you. (Note that this isn’t the optimal way to operate a CRM system because it will be far more challenging to update it, but it is possible.)

At Introhive, your data is secure:

  • We only use the most advanced data encryption as your data is being sent and when it stored.
  • You can select the data you store.
  • We can provide data storage within your country’s borders or even at your site.

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