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6 Salesforce Reports Marketers Will Love

Introhive | salesforce marketing charts | 6 Salesforce Reports Marketers Will Love

Analytics are a critical part of any business. In Marketing, the importance of analytics has expanded beyond traditional analytics platforms (e.g. Google Analytics) to integration into CRM platforms such as Salesforce. This allows Marketing to not only report on the initial impact that their campaigns had but also how it impacted sales pipelines over the long-term.

There are lots of custom reports that can be built inside of tools like Salesforce to give you the data you need to deliver the insights that you want. Here are 6 Salesforce reports that we use at Introhive to help us figure out which sources are driving our leads and sales pipeline.

  • Current Month Leads by Source: This report details the number of leads we’ve had in the current month. The report is broken out by marketing source and includes but is not limited to leads from our website, live chat and online advertising.
  • Marketing Leads – Month over Month (tiered by source): The month over month marketing leads report shows a comparison of your total marketing leads by month, broken our into a calendar year. Each monthly total is stacked by lead source, giving the viewer an idea of which lead sources are contributing each month.
  • New Marketing Pipe – Month by Month (tiered by source): The new marketing pipe report details all qualified leads that have been turned into sales opportunities. The report provides insight into which sources are the biggest contributors to growing our pipeline.
  • Lead-to-Opportunity Conversion Rate (broken down by source): The conversion rate of your leads that get turned into opportunities. This report helps gauge the quality of leads per marketing source and gives us a good idea which area we should be investing our time and efforts in.
  • Marketing Wins – Month-by-Month (tiered by source): Shows all closed-won deals that marketing contributed. Stacking by source also allows us to quickly see which source is contributing to these won deals.
  • Marketing Wins by Source – Average Deal Size: From your closed-won deals, this report shows their average deal size. This provides an understanding of which lead sources are generating the biggest deals and coupled with the Lead-to-Opportunity Conversion Rate gives a great indicator on which marketing sources should take priority.

These are the main reports that we use for our marketing dashboard inside of Salesforce as it gives us a great snapshot of how our leads are doing as well as our contributions to the sales pipeline.

Are there any other reports that you find useful?

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