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7 Tactics to Generate More B2B Leads

Introhive | url 21 | 7 Tactics to Generate More B2B Leads

eMarketer published a report earlier this week about the struggles that B2B marketers have with lead generation. The study, conducted by BtoB Magazine, showed that the #1 challenge for over half of B2B marketers was generating more leads followed by reaching more of their target audience.

Here at Introhive we use 7 tactics to make sure that we are reaching our desired audience and generating leads for our sales team.

Paid Search

Paid search is a great way generate new visitors and leads to your site in a cost effective manner. Not only do we bid on popular keywords that generate lots of impressions & clicks each day but we also make sure to integrate a good mix of long-tailed keywords. This allows us to get extremely specific with our messaging and offers and tend to get much higher click-through rates as it’s much more tailored to exactly what that person is searching for.

Online Advertising

Beside our paid search campaigns we run a number of online ads each month. Past performance always dictates which ad campaigns are extended to future months and which ones are replaced with new advertising partners to test. The most important metric we use for this analysis is the campaign’s overall cost-per-acquisition (CPA).

When selecting which advertisers to run campaigns with there are a number of factors that we look at. Most importantly though is how effective they are at reaching our targeted audience. This is typically done through advertising with industry publications (website & newsletters) or through targeted advertising methods such as LinkedIn’s ability to filter who is exposed to your ad. We also always include 1-2 re-marketing partners to target visitors who’ve previously been to our site and not yet converted with a variety of offers to try and lure them back.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another method of lead generation that we use extensively. Most of this is done through our marketing automation platforms to assist us with our lead nurturing campaigns. This allows us to send a series of emails sharing various pieces of content to our prospects over an extended period of time.

Internal Sources

Our database of prospects & leads that is stored inside our CRM platform is one of our most valuable assets. It allows us to quickly run reports on prospects that have become cold for a particular period of time and target them with specific email campaigns sharing various pieces of content such as popular blog posts, etc.

The other internal database that we use quite frequently for generating leads is our own Introhive platform. This allows us to identify individuals that someone in our company is already connected with and reach out to them with particular marketing messages about our service.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great source of lead generation for us. We pride ourselves on consistently updating our blog with content on a variety of topics. Not only does this help us with search engine optimization of our website but assists in generating new visitors to our website as blog posts are shared by various individuals.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a critical component of our marketing strategy for generating leads as all of our marketing material points visitors to one. We constantly have a large number of landing pages live at any given time as we always make sure that each advertising source and offer directs visitors to their own page. We do this to make sure that the experience someone had when they see our ad and clicked on it matches their expectations when they arrive on our landing page. Even though it takes a bit of extra work in making these pages the increase in conversion rates more than justify it.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is another critical component of our marketing strategy. We are constantly trying new experiments to help and uncover new ways to give our totals a boost. We test everything from advertising partners used to the design & wording of our ads to everything on our landing pages.

Hopefully this list of tactics helps give you some insights into some of the tactics that we currently use here at Introhive to generate leads. Are there any that we missed on this list that you have found helpful in generating leads for your company? If so we’d love to hear them in the comment section below.

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