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How Introhive Ensured CRM Success for Wilson Allen Merger

Introhive | Introhive Blog CS WilsonA r1 merger | How Introhive Ensured CRM Success for Wilson Allen Merger

In 2018, Wilson Legal Solutions formally merged with Stanton Allen, uniting their software and services businesses. It was imperative they quickly bring together disparate data sets to understand the collective relationships they have with their clients and prospects.

However, the joint business was using two different instances of Salesforce CRM, so this information was hidden and difficult to extract.


The Opportunity

Wilson Allen unites the software and services offerings of Wilson Legal Solutions, along with the CRM and business development expertise of Stanton Allen. Wilson Allen empowers their clients to use data and software more effectively so they can build stronger relationships, work more efficiently, and run more profitably.

Introhive | Introhive Blog CS WilsonA r1 data silos | How Introhive Ensured CRM Success for Wilson Allen Merger

While Wilson Allen worked to migrate to one CRM, they deployed Introhive to begin mapping business-wide relationships and consolidating a clean set of data for account and contact management.

The Solution

Introhive delivered a clean and enriched contact database, relationship intelligence automation, and relationship mapping and scoring, enabling Wilson Allen to quickly focus on opportune prospects using metrics beyond the industry standard of counting interactions.

Within the first 120 days of going live, Wilson Allen realized a 584% return on investment from the cost savings that pre-meeting digest reports delivered. With Introhive’s relationship intelligence, Wilson Allen has been able to bring two disparate data sets into one cleaned and enriched database, ensuring a smooth transition into a single business unit.

“Introhive has helped in identifying relationships that exist in other practices of the business without the need to ask ‘who knows who.’ Specifically, it’s helped with a cross-selling initiative for the CRM Practice into existing Wilson Legal clients.”

Michael Warren, Vice President of Wilson Allen’s CRM Practice

Read more about the results that Introhive delivered for Wilson Allen, and request a demo today to see how Introhive can transform your business’s relationship intelligence management.

Introhive | 1 Introhive Blog CS WilsonA r1 V2 CTA e1578508065371 | How Introhive Ensured CRM Success for Wilson Allen Merger

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