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AI and Algorithms: What’s Best?

AI has become a bit of a buzzword – filled with hype and confusion for many. Understanding how AI can help your business is the first step in identifying which tool(s) can help you achieve your goals.

It’s no big secret: Covid-19 has completely transformed the way we do business, so much so that it’s become difficult to understand the various technologies available and how and why people engage with them. Even before the pandemic, it was common knowledge that if you empower good people with good processes and the right technology, your likelihood of a positive outcome is higher. This is especially critical when it comes to CRM.

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Understanding what you’re trying to achieve is an important first step in creating your business’ tech stack. Will the technology actually solve a problem that you have or is it a bragging point that helps you attract attention or appear “ahead of the game”? To make the right choices, you must understand the difference between code and intelligence.

By February-March 2020, most companies were realizing the true state of their CRM for the first time and, for many, it wasn’t pretty. And so began the search for the right technology to fix CRM data and help push the needle forward on sales activities.

But, before wading through the acronym alphabet soup of AI, CPQ, ACV, CLV, BI, MDM, and ERM, maybe an exercise in understanding what outcomes you need will make the process of evaluating solutions much easier.

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