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How AI Innovations Are Making Relationship Data a Business Asset

How AI Innovations Are Making Relationship Data a True Business Asset

With the dawn of a new decade come new and exciting innovations — particularly within the Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT)  industries. The pace of innovation has always been incredible, but is now even more so, with companies quickly adopting new technologies.

Within the past few years, businesses have adopted more of a willingness to lead their organizations to success with new, unprecedented tools. What was once a siloed sector has now become integrated, as TMT organizations have come to understand that they must work together in order to meet the demands of a rapidly-evolving technological world.

From antenna TV to the implementation of 5G, Deloitte predictions show a range of technological trends within the TMT sector. When it comes to relationship intelligence trends, however, one innovation truly stands out: artificial intelligence (AI).

Trending: Greater AI Adoption

As technology advances, there is cross-industry curiosity surrounding AI, especially in those functions centered around machine learning and deep learning. More and more organizations are looking to adopt technology that simulates the human mind and enables a better understanding of data. In fact, 80% of CIOs plan to increase AI usage in 2020.

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Relationship Insights and AI

Cloud capability and the democratization of advanced technologies have changed the world; we have become united in a way we have never been before. Many organizations have access to these unprecedented technologies — the true differentiator, however, is how companies use this technology to handle business relationships and personalize experiences.

The Business Case for AI

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CRM systems are only as good as the data that flows through them. AI enables workforces with data synchronization and information mining, improving both the usability of data and revealing an accurate interpretation of a company’s relationship with contacts, prospects, and customers. Artificial intelligence eliminates sifting through endless communications to determine the value of data, freeing employees to focus on their relationships with customers and prospects instead. 

If data organization isn’t enough, consider the marketing and sales opportunities that AI will unlock. With artificial intelligence, organizations are able to visualize how strong relationships with contacts are, revealing those who seem to be “in limbo” or declining — so they can take action before it’s too late.

Artificial intelligence improves database accuracy and enables relationship intelligence which, in turn, increases the ROI of your CRM investment.

Hurdles to AI Adoption

The beauty of the TMT industries is how excited they are to grow. New technologies are seen as exciting advancements — but there are still hurdles these industries must conquer in order to integrate AI into their ways of working:

“Dirty” Data

While we’d love to think AI can do it all, it can’t function well without good, clean data. Many organizations find their CRM virtually useless not because they don’t have data at all, but because the data that is there is out-of-date or simply inaccurate.

Introhive | Blog Current Relationship trends Data Mining | How AI Innovations Are Making Relationship Data a Business Asset

Good quality data is fuel to the AI engine. One can ramp up a new technology or product very quickly, but they cannot collect good data over a short period of time. In order for AI to increase an organization’s ROI, they’ll need to make sure their data is in order.

Improper Training

Like any other task, proper training for AI technology is crucial. Enabling employees with the understanding of how to utilize new technology and how it plays into their work is key in achieving results. 

New technologies are coming fast, and there are lots of opportunities that come along with them. In order to make artificial intelligence work, organizations need to qualify usability. After all, the business case for AI is all about how it can be used to get results — not to complicate workflows.

Introhive’s Solution

Surveys show that stacking artificial intelligence on top of CRM is the easiest way to get people to utilize AI correctly. By 2020, the majority of AI usage for 87% of users will be within their CRM software. Introhive’s relationship intelligence automation platform uses AI to eliminate the possibility of inaccurate data, and comes with zero learning curve. 

IT departments will love its ease of use; Introhive simply runs in the background, requiring little to no maintenance. End-users won’t need any special technical knowledge — Introhive provides them with relationship insights that enrichen data and interactions with those they work with every day.

Introhive’s AI-powered platform empowers your people to make data-driven decisions that get results and is a perfect application of AI technology within any organization.Introhive | IH Platform 1 1024x603 e1580953504978 | How AI Innovations Are Making Relationship Data a Business Asset

The Future of TMT with Introhive

The future is bright for Introhive and AI. This new wave of advancing technology is bringing along lots of opportunities for companies to truly empower themselves and their people.

Introhive drives innovation on all levels — from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses, our platform delivers significant value to customers with an easy, all-in-one solution that can make a significant impact.

The TMT industries are truly being redefined by the advent of both 5G and new AI technologies. The use of Introhive’s AI, in particular, is allowing organizations to humanize their work — making for a bright future for the TMT sector.

Are you ready to see how Introhive can transform your organization? Request a demo today.

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