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PwC’s Philip Grosch on the Value of Introhive

PwC’s Global Salesforce Transformation program seeks to deploy Salesforce for organizations across the globe, creating efficiencies by embracing both automation and human experience. Introhive partnered with PwC within the early days of our development, and we have remained close partners since. With Introhive’s help, PwC has brought CRM transformation to over 100,000 users across 90 countries.

We sat down with Philip Grosch, Partner Global Salesforce Transformation Program Executive at PwC, to talk about the value that Introhive brings to PwC and how the platform is helping the firm drive their own digital transformation journey. 

  1. Automating the Mundane
  2. Transforming CRM into an Insights Platform
  3. Enabling and Empowering People

Watch the interview here:

Automating the Mundane

As your salespeople go through their day, they rarely get the chance to sit down and digest what came of the meeting they were just in, let alone enter any notes into CRM. For many professionals, sitting down and manually entering CRM data is simply not a reality.

Introhive | IH Platform 1 | PwC’s Philip Grosch on the Value of Introhive“One of the pillars of the business case behind Introhive is this concept of automating the mundane,” Philip noted. “If you think across the process that people go through—you meet someone new, you want to capture that relationship insight—Introhive makes that really easy. It’s just the click of a button to add [those details] into CRM.” 

“…you meet someone new, you want to capture that relationship insight—Introhive makes that really easy. It’s just the click of a button to add [those details] into CRM.”

Before your meetings, Introhive sends out a pre-meeting digest complete with insights and notes that can steer the trajectory of your meeting. After your meeting, follow-ups, actions, and notes are all automatically captured as well, ready for you the next time you need to catch up with an account.

With PwC’s implementation of Introhive into their Salesforce package, updating and maintaining CRM has become a thing of the past for their clients. Thanks to this CRM transformation, their people can get back to what’s important: building relationships and spending more time caring for customer needs.

Transforming CRM into an Insights Platform

When we presented the concept of Introhive to Philip, he saw the value in incorporating relationship intelligence not only for PwC’s clients, but for PwC itself as well. “Introhive helps to answer the magic question in professional services: who knows who, and how well do they know them?” 

Introhive | Introhive Blog PWC r1 Quote | PwC’s Philip Grosch on the Value of Introhive

CRM alone shows contacts, not relationships. Introhive has the ability to reveal the strongest connections and those that need nurturing with data science, enabling efficient and effective collaboration by delivering data-driven insights in real-time. 

So, when PwC’s people meet with clients, they no longer have to play guessing games when it comes to relationship management. “When we are meeting a new client, we can very quickly understand their preexisting relationship with other PwC professionals,” Philip said. “That has added enormous value to us.”

Enabling and Empowering People

“We know that 75% of front-office transformations fail not because of the technology—they fail because you don’t enable people,” expressed Philip, when asked why he chose to work with Introhive. “We saw that as one of the key tenants of the approach that we were taking: to enable our people to be powered by this new digital reality.” 

Introhive solves relationship data quality and insight challenges, while also unlocking your salespeople’s’ ability to effectively utilize the technology your organization has invested great amounts of time (and capital) in.

For PwC, the value is clear. “The results have been incredibly positive because we are achieving the goal of making it easier for our folks to get inside CRM and make their actual jobs better, faster, easier… the return for us has been remarkable.”

“…the return for us has been remarkable.”

Ready to discover your own CRM transformation and the value Introhive can bring to your business? Request a demo today to see Introhive in action.

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