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Boost Sales Efficiency with Productivity Insights and Activity Analytics

Boost Sales Efficiency with Productivity Insights and Activity AnalyticsAs a leader, manager, and coach, how well are you dialed into the performance and productivity of your salespeople? For sales managers, having insight into the real-time productivity and performance of your team has never been more important. As the way we do business continues to evolve and workforces become more disparate, equipping teams and leaders with the technologies they need to smash their goals has become a need – not a want.

When managing large teams or those spread across a large geographical area, sales leaders can feel disconnected from their people, limiting visibility into the daily activities of the sales team.

This can lead to questions like:

  Are my salespeople keeping up their outreach to customers and prospects?

  How are salespeople spending their time or prioritizing activities?

  What outreach strategies are most efficient now, and over-time?

  Are these activities driving new leads into the funnel or accelerating deal velocity?

What if you could answer those questions, just by looking at a dashboard? Well, you can.

We’re pleased to announce Introhive Productivity Intelligence, which includes three new AI-driven solutions designed to empower sales managers and teams with a better way to measure and improve efficiency and performance – no matter where they work. Custom-built AI models leverage your company’s historical data to quickly navigate future opportunities and accelerate sales cycles. Here is how these solutions work:

Introhive | Blog Productivity Suite Time Coach | Boost Sales Efficiency with Productivity Insights and Activity Analytics

Meet Your Time Coach

Measure all the activities of your team to increase remote workforce productivity

To address the challenge of managers having reduced visibility into the activities of their remote workforce, we’ve developed Time Coach. This productivity dashboard displays your team’s selling activities and equips sales leaders and salespeople alike with an accurate understanding of the volume of and time being invested in sales activities. This exciting new sales efficiency solution unlocks the ability for teams to operationalize this data to:

  • Identify gaps or inefficiencies to refine the sales process
  • Analyze the performance of your top sellers to coach best practices
  • Create leaderboards to drive accountability and improve productivity
  • Measure and leverage activity levels to inform goal setting
  • Stimulate competition and motivate salespeople working remotely

Introhive | Blog Productivity Suite r2 Deal Coach | Boost Sales Efficiency with Productivity Insights and Activity Analytics

Introducing Deal Coach

Managing next best action recommendations for sales cycles

While Time Coach provides you with a foundation of data to derive strategy and insights, the second component of Productivity Intelligence – Deal Coach – takes your historical opportunity data and runs it through a custom machine-learning model. This process delivers a series of AI-backed, recommended next best actions – custom-tailored to your business – that your team can take to progress opportunities through the funnel.

  • Enable salespeople with a clear path to navigate complex sales cycles
  • Increase win rate, allowing salespeople to meet and surpass quota
  • Level the playing field and decrease ramp time by equipping every seller with AI-identified next steps
  • Deliver real-time next best actions to salespeople directly within their existing workflow

Illustration: Sales efficiency with predictive deal scoringPredictive Deal Scoring

Measure the likelihood of deal success based on historical pipeline trends

Your sales team has a finite amount of time each month and quarter to work deals. Knowing which deals are showing behaviors of past won deals can help you manage your team’s time and resources.

To help sellers prioritize sales opportunities and reduce reliance on gut-feel or false optimism, Productivity Intelligence offers Predictive Deal Scoring. This tool predicts the likelihood that an opportunity will be won and increases the accuracy of your forecast. Deal Scores are re-evaluated on an ongoing basis, allowing the user to view its trend over time and as actions are taken.

  • Build context on open opportunities for targeted coaching
  • Monitor the impact of activities on deal probability
  • Streamline resources and prioritize opportunity next steps based on likelihood to close 
  • Push low hanging fruit across the line for period-end

AI-powered analytics will never replace the influence of a human salesperson. Telling compelling stories that solve unique business problems, and using empathy to build trust and nurture relationships is what moves deals through the pipeline.

What AI can enable you to do is leverage the experience and knowledge of your company, so managers drive greater sales efficiency and increase salespeople’s effectiveness. Introhive Productivity Intelligence filters through your historical sales data and extracts the intelligence you need to drive data-driven decision making.

Learn how Introhive can help you uncover insights that will help you drive your business forward. Request a demo today.

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