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Brent Leary Shares How CRM Evolution is Blazing Industry Trails

Introhive | crm evolution 2017 | Brent Leary Shares How CRM Evolution is Blazing Industry TrailsHundreds of professionals who want to stay on top of the latest innovations to engage their customers will be descending upon Washington, D.C., to attend CRM Evolution, April 24 – 27. Among them will be Brent Leary, Partner, CRM Essentials.

Brent will be leading panels and presenting throughout the conference. This includes a discussion about artificial intelligence (AI) with executives from SalesForce, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and Lithium Technologies and a presentation on how virtual companions, like Amazon Echo, will change customer engagement forever.

“Attendees will be hearing a lot about AI and deep learning and how that is taking over the heart and mind of engagement,” says Brent. “Companies will have to adjust and not just adopt new technology, but adopt new ways of thinking, and being more open to the best ways to stay connected with customers and serve them moving forward.”

He believes CRM Evolution’s vendor-agnostic approach provides the guidance to help companies better meet their specific needs. “If you are too heavily focused on a single vendor, of course you’re going to have a certain level of familiarity and even a bit of bias with what you’re doing, which is understandable,” Brent points out. “But when you have a group of professionals who are really more focused on where things are and where they should be going…comparing and contrasting what’s going with vendors, it provides for deeper insight that can be aggregated to have a better picture of where things are going.”

Brent notes this is important, because even though there may be consensus around a certain topic based on vendor input, the vendors may not be pointing in the direction that is most helpful.

“What makes this conference a lot different from all the other conferences is that the agenda is filled with thought leaders who are in tune, studying, following, writing, but not necessarily coming from a single vendor’s perspective,” he explains. “You see not only the analyst that comes from the traditional big organization, but you really see the industry from the perspective of the independent analysts and the influencers who may not call themselves analysts.

“The heart of CRM Evolution is always a showcase for industry experts and thought leaders to point out the direction of where things seem to be going and where they should go,” continues Brent. “You get to hear from a variety of professionals from a variety of perspectives; it’s truly a strength.”

If you’re attending CRM Evolution, be sure to say hello to me! You’ll see me at the presentations and in the Exhibit Hall at the Introhive booth 303. Don’t have a chance to attend? You can still hear what the experts have to say in our soon-to-be-published eBook, Don’t Dump Your CRM. Reserve your copy.

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