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Bringing Your Prehistoric Sales Team Into the Digital Age

Introhive | url 14 | Bringing Your Prehistoric Sales Team Into the Digital Age

The days of knocking on your customers’ doors and hoping they will answer are far behind us. The digital revolution has changed the people live and interact with the world. Today’s customers are more empowered than ever and live in a world of information overload and a reliance on connectivity.

Screens no longer stay in our living rooms; they surround us every at almost every moment in our day whether it’s our own devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops, or the TV at the bank, the local fitness centre or half the billboards we drive by on our way to work. We stream TV online and watch commercials on YouTube. The customer’s needs, wants and expectations for companies in all industries have changed and businesses need to change with them.

Some argue that companies need to change faster than their customers do and need to predict where and when their customers want to interact with them. While this can seem overwhelming and sometimes impossible, it’s crucial to remain current and relevant to your customers.

Bringing your sales team into the digital age is not a choice. Start simple and harvest what you already have. Look at your sales tools through a different lens and review your sales toolkits, presentations and information packages. Take that content and now retool it for the digital age. Take brochures and turn them into blog posts along with case studies into downloads

Starting with your existing content is a great first step. Next you need to look at where this content lives and how it fits into your sales funnel. What pieces of content will help your sales team move their potential leads further down the pipeline. Also, what pieces of content can be created to open up the pipeline in the first place. Once you’ve identified these answers it’s time to talk about relationships.

Business is built on relationships. Today, technology allows sales professionals to manage their relationships more effectively and efficiently. Between big data, CRM, email and social media; there are many avenues that sales teams can take to improve their relationships with clients, colleagues, leads, vendors and partners.

Setting your team up with CRM software is a great way to show your team that you mean business as it relates to embracing technology. According to a recent survey at the Sales 2.0 conference, 50% of B2B sales organizations plan to increase their spending on sales technology solutions this year. To stay competitive, organizations across multiple industries are embracing technology for their sales teams.

With a sales team armed with the right technology and content that your customers can easily absorb, you’ll be on the right path to dominate the digital sales landscape.

What other things can you do to help take your team to the next level?

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