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Cleanse, AI-Powered Contact Quality Management for B2B

Keeping contact information up-to-date within a customer relationship management (CRM) system is difficult — especially for customer-facing staff. Not only are these employees strapped for time — they are often unaware of departures and physical moves their contacts have made. This causes discrepancies in CRM data quality, leading to bigger troubles down the line.Introhive | 1 Introhive Blog Cleanse Product r1 Icon1 | Cleanse, AI-Powered Contact Quality Management for B2B

Managing data often requires staffing a team dedicated solely to data stewardship, which requires a significant investment in people and time resources. Organizations seem to have two choices: either staff a data stewardship team to constantly work in a reactive cycle to outpace data decay and maintain a mediocre dataset; or, leave contact management to customer-facing staff at the risk of letting updates and adjustments slip.  

How do we manage contact data quality without draining valuable resources or polluting CRM with dirty data? Read on to learn how artificial intelligence and data automation are taking the headache out of contact quality management. 

Effects of Poorly-Managed CRM Systems

Traditional contact management often relies on email bouncebacks, internal spreadsheets, verbal updates that may never be documented, and “annual clean-up” projects that only serve as a temporary fix. Data stewards spend incredible amounts of time researching contacts, searching through publicly available sources such as social networks, press releases — anything that shows any indication of current information.

So much effort and resources are spent solely on gathering and updating information, only to start the process all over again as B2B organizations can see customer data decay rates as high as 70% per year.

Introhive | 1 Introhive Blog Cleanse Product r1 Quote | Cleanse, AI-Powered Contact Quality Management for B2B

When contact records are inaccurate or incomplete, customer care, business development outreach success and relationship intelligence begin to decay at an alarming rate, leading to decreased ROI on marketing campaigns, time spent chasing dead leads, email blacklists, and delays in important engagements.

Reliable contact data is the foundation of successful marketing, smart business development, and healthy business relationships — which all come together to shape your growth. Customer expectations are higher than ever, and without a consistent process to ensure good data hygiene, managing relationships becomes next to impossible.

Introhive’s Cleanse™ Solution

Introhive | Introhive Blog Cleanse Product r1 Header | Cleanse, AI-Powered Contact Quality Management for B2B

Cleanse is the future of data quality management. This next-generation solution a new and innovative way to empower companies with a proactive approach to cleaning and enriching contacts from a single, user-friendly platform.

By leveraging Introhive Relationship Intelligence, we provide a way to prioritize valuable contacts that are actively engaged with your business across a variety of business systems. Instead of contact management being a reactive and time-consuming process, Cleanse does the work for you, fueling high quality data in CRM without all the manual effort.

Cleanse leverages state of the art artificial intelligence to analyze the accuracy of your CRM database in real-time. When the platform finds discrepancies in your CRM data – new job titles, promotions, new email addresses, someone left the company, etc – Introhive’s platform proactively flags that new information for data stewards and vested stakeholders. Cleanse arms you with industry-leading, actionable insights to keep your contact data quality high and up-to-date.

Cleanse: The Future of Data ManagementCleanse gives you a simple mechanism to quickly clean contacts and add new contacts with the highest potential for positive business impact by:

  • Surfacing missing contacts from CRM and enabling users to populate new contacts in CRM with the click of a button.
  • Merging duplicate records and eliminating stale contacts from your database, giving you the ability to focus on the relationships that truly matter to your organization.
  • Keeping your database current and compliant with data privacy laws (GDPR, CASL, CCPA) to ensure your entire team is equipped with reliable business development insights.

The Case for Artificial Intelligence

Introhive | Introhive Blog Cleanse Product r1 Guided Light | Cleanse, AI-Powered Contact Quality Management for B2B

Artificial Intelligence (AI) drastically reduces — and can even eliminate — the need for mundane, manual processes and allows organizations to focus efforts toward revenue-generating activities. Most data quality management tools organizations use today can update accounts, yet lack the ability to manipulate and enrich contact records in real-time.

Cleanse is yet another addition to Introhive’s sales intelligence suite, helping organizations unlock data to build and nurture key relationships. By fully automating these administrative processes utilizing AI, Cleanse augments and streamlines the quantity and quality of your dataset to drive transformative business results.

Strong data = strong relationships.

Are you ready to make your CRM work for you, not the other way around? Request a demo today and discover how Introhive’s products can transform your CRM — and your business.

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