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Cold calling in the age of social media

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If you’ve ever worked in a sales organization the first thing you heard from your manager coming out of sales school was that activities always drive results. It’s an age old, simple formula that says that “X” number of phone calls plus “Y” number of proposals will give you the desired result – your sales quota. A salesperson that subscribes to this notion that repetitive activities drive results probably uses canned and scripted reach outs with only the name and company name changed.

My 10 year career in B2B enterprise sales began in inside sales and that is exactly what we did. We even had an online repository to share them. Don’t get me wrong, if you sling enough mud at the wall some of it will eventually stick, but then you’re still faced with the initial meeting and the hopes that you can get another one? It’s a grind. Plus consumers and buyers of products are getting bombarded with cold emails, phone calls, tweets, and LinkedIn requests.

Although I bought into this principle many years ago, my results have shown something different. To me, this principle is less about a finite number of cold calls and follow ups and speaks more to my own efforts day in and day out. It’s an attitude, not an equation.

So what’s the point here? The point is that social media has forever changed how we market and sell. With global networks at our fingertips we have the ability to connect with companies and contacts all over the world while creating lasting relationships that we can leverage today and throughout the rest of our careers. In my opinion, I see more value in putting my efforts into strategic planning with my peers and using my time to understand where my company is best connected to my targets and accounts so I can leverage those connections to gain warm

At the end of the day I am more efficient, I generate more leads, and I close more deals because I spend less time asking for meetings, and more time sitting across the table from my clients. After all, isn’t that what sales people like most about their jobs?

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