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The Physics of CRM Adoption: CRM Thought Leader Reveals How It Quickly Increased Revenue by 20%

Introhive | Bouncing black balls 300x225 1 | The Physics of CRM Adoption: CRM Thought Leader Reveals How It Quickly Increased Revenue by 20%What do CRM adoption and phy cs have in common?

Danny Estrada, Founder of E Squared, a CRM strategy and management consulting firm, would say it’s the principle of inelastic collision: In essence, when balls, which are bouncing in a vacuum, collide they’ll share their energy. The more energy that’s produced, the more energy that’s shared.

“For CRM to be effective, everyone must be working at the same level, cadence, pace and direction, they must expend the same amount of energy, just like in inelastic collision. Of course, I never thought I would use the concepts of physics in relation to CRM,” he laughs.

Danny has worked with CRM systems practically since their inception. As a CRM thought leader, he has guided teams through the implementation and development cycles of more than 500 CRM projects. In the process he has discovered that when CRM is operating optimally:

  1. People actively use it.
  2. They’re entering good, relevant information on a timely basis.
  3. Everyone in the organization becomes beneficiaries.
  4. This, in turn, encourages them to enter more information.
  5. The entire organization becomes more productive.

“You’re capturing all of that energy people are expending in their jobs into the big ball – that centralized location – and it’s making all the little balls move faster,” notes Danny. “That’s the perfect state of CRM.”

But too often, the ball is sitting idle, and usually that’s when CRM adoption is an issue. Danny recalls one such situation with a client.

“I was interviewing people and in every office there was a stack of business cards – in office after office after office,” he says. “After four of the meetings I asked, ‘What’s with all the business cards?’”

The client explained that they collected them from all the events they attended, but didn’t enter them into the CRM system until they became relevant.

“So there’s all these balls that didn’t connect to anything, and one person is making a decision for an entire firm about whether a contact is relevant,” says Danny. He advised them to start entering the cards in their CRM and they discovered:

  • Team members were sending multiple proposals to the same company.
  • Contacts who were determined irrelevant by one person turned out to be highly relevant to another.
  • They had inroads with 20 contacts at a very challenging-to-reach company that everyone wanted to win as a client.

“No one was talking with each other, no one knew who was meeting with whom,” says Danny. “So when they saw Jane entered this person at company X, and Bob entered this person at the same company, and Bill entered yet another, what do you think they did? They got together and started coordinating their proposals.

“The ball began to move and they quickly saw a 20% bump in revenue.”

Unlike the laws of physics, however, team members can still produce maximum outcomes while expending minimal individual energy thanks to the latest CRM innovation: CRM automation. It gets the ball rolling, with minimal effort from team members, by automating entry of complete, accurate and up-to-date contact information in the CRM. Furthermore, it automatically enriches existing data through internal and external sources. This ensures CRMs remain accurate, complete and updated without data entry. With just a click, business development professionals can get a real-time 360-degree view of a client or prospect including:

  • Internal communication
  • Agreements
  • Open opportunities
  • Their relationships within the organization
  • The strength of those relationships.
  • Executive alignment within the client’s organization, and much more.

This information is packaged and delivered so it’s easy to review and act on in the format business development professionals prefer – they don’t even have to log onto the CRM system. With CRM automation, it’s almost impossible to drop the ball.

Find out how it works and find out more about what Danny has to say about CRM adoption in our soon-to-be-published ebook, Don’t Dump Your CRM. Reserve your copy.

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