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Three Ways CRM Automation Technology Makes Tax Season Easier on Accounting Firms

Introhive | frustrated accountant during tax season 300x200 1 | Three Ways CRM Automation Technology Makes Tax Season Easier on Accounting FirmsDuring tax season, when 80-hour weeks are the norm for too many CPAs, it’s a challenge to just complete the task at hand, no less cultivate better client relationships (beyond getting them a big refund or avoiding a huge tax bill). However, with CRM automation, you can easily build more time into your schedule and provide the proactive, attentive service that will make clients take notice. Here are just three ways this is accomplished, schedule a quick demo to find out how we can help make tax season easier.

1. CRM automation improves productivity.

Nothing is worse than having to slog through multiple files and databases to find the detail you need to complete a return or prepare for a client meeting. CRM automation will relieve you of that painful, time-consuming task by providing a central location for internal and external information resources including:

  • Emails
  • Meeting notes
  • Client agreements
  • Social media, and more

You, or a colleague, can easily access what you’re looking for in a format that’s easy to understand on the platforms you use most, such as Outlook and Excel.

The result: You spend less time tracking information and more time servicing your clients. .

2. CRMs automation creates great client relationships by default.
Meeting with a client? CRM automation perfectly preps you without any effort on your part. It instantly gathers real-time information – from emails, from social media, and even meeting notes. It then sends this data to you via email, you don’t even need to log into the CRM. Plus, the information is formatted so that you can consume the most important details at a glance.

There’s no manual work required whatsoever. You don’t have to spend time searching for communication and you don’t have to worry about incomplete or inaccurate information because data is updated and enriched automatically. There are no gaps or errors caused by someone failing to enter data properly or simply not taking the time to update the CRM database.

The result: Your client is amazed that you always deliver what they’re looking for and you’re so on top of their account at such a hectic time of year.

3. CRM makes client documentation and follow-up a snap.
Tax time means client meeting after client meeting. Stop eating up time by taking notes and setting reminders, then logging into a CRM system to record what transpired. Instead, turn to CRM automation which:

  • Allows you to dictate notes from client meetings.
  • Sends that to the CRM system where they will be instantly uploaded.
  • Allows colleagues who attended to update those notes.
  • Instantly sends you a reminder of what you need to do when you need to do it.

You can keep everyone informed of what’s going on with the client without having to log into a CRM or type a word. So you have more time to produce the great results your client expects.

The result: You, and your colleagues, never miss an opportunity or a drop a ball.

What would you do with the hours that are freed and the opportunity that’s gained with CRM automation? Beyond that, think about how more useful CRM automation will make your existing CRM. Consider what Ray Beste, a partner at Sikich, told Accounting Today:

“The key features that any accounting practice needs in order to get the most out of a CRM package are ease of use — if it’s not simple, it doesn’t get used…If each user can access the CRM natively while living and working in Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel, overall adoption of the product will naturally increase.”

Get more details about how CRM automation can help your firm do more – and do it better – by scheduling a demo. There won’t be any sales pitches, just the information you need to know to make tax season easier for your firm.

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