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What Your Local Chinese Restaurant Could Teach You About CRM

Chinese Take Out BoxesFriday night, and after a busy week for myself and the family, we decided to order a Chinese takeaway for our dinner.

We’ve used the same local Chinese take-away for a few years now. The food is always nice, the staff are friendly, and they have a speedy home delivery. All things considered, it’s a decent value for my money, once or twice a month.

But it’s the personalised customer service that’s really caught my attention. And, after 10 years helping law firms with client relationship management initiatives, it got me thinking about the lessons the legal sector could ‘take-away’ from my humble local Chinese restaurant.

From memorizing your order history to your delivery address, it seems my Chinese restaurant has become experts in personalisation. When it comes to managing your CRM data, you could learn a thing or two from your favorite Chinese place.

A Personalised Customer Experience

Back to Friday night and I pick up the phone to place my order…

After a few rings my call is answered by a friendly lady who says, “Hello Mr. Mercer, what would you like to order?”

Their telephone system has recognised my number and brought up my details on screen, ready for the member of staff to greet me personally. Basic stuff, right?

We are all creatures of habit. And in the case of Chinese food, I pretty much order the same every time, with maybe a new dish now and again to encourage the kids to try something different. So, as I start to talk, it becomes apparent the lady has our order history on screen. With this information to hand, she quickly recognises which variant of each dish I’m after:

“Yes, it is the ‘saucy’ Chow Mein I want” (not the dry dish) and “that’s right, it’s the 10 mini spring rolls we want, not the 3 large ones.”

The lady then mentions the last time I called we tried a new dish, the “Yuk Sung.” She asks if we liked it and I explain it was nice, but a little spicy. She suggests a similar, milder option we might like.

“Why not? Thanks,” I answer.

One question and I’m up-sold. Order complete.

The lady reads it back, lets me know the price, and confirms my address from their system. She tells me 45 minutes, but they always “under-promise and over deliver,” so I know there’ll be a knock on the door within 30.

Is Your CRM Enabling a Similar Experience With Your Clients?

My Chinese take-away story is a very simple example of how delivering relevant customer information, at the right time, to a human being can be used to great effect. Simple technology, enabling people to deliver a personalised client experience with a focus on satisfaction, cross-sell, and retention.

Whilst I appreciate the far more complex and multi-facetted B2B client relationships that exist within a law firm, there are lessons to be learned here. Your people communicate with clients and prospective clients daily. How are you helping them to make each interaction positive and mutually beneficial? Are you enabling your people to have tailored, commercial, productive interactions with your clients?

When emailing or taking a call, do your people have up to date, useful information to hand which helps them understand this person’s relationship with your firm?

Do your people know:

  • The basics… Name, job title, contact details, company, address?
  • What areas does this business currently instruct you in and are there any open matters?
  • Who at my firm knows this person and who else, knows who else, at this company?  
  • Who has met with or communicated with them (and about what) recently?
  • Are we discussing any opportunities with this company?
  • Have they been in the news recently?
  • Has anyone attended one of our events, visited our website or read an article we’ve written recently?
  • What’s the year to date billing for this client and have they paid their latest invoice?

Much of this information should already exist within your firm. However, It’s normally in disparate systems, such as your practice management and finance systems, peoples’ outlook calendars, emails, spreadsheets, and CRM databases.

Introhive helps pull this data together, enriches it from external sources where there are gaps, and delivers the resulting insight to your people when they need it most. For example, when calling, emailing, or meeting with your clients.    

In today’s competitive market, if your people aren’t enabled to have meaningful conversations with your clients, I can bet other firms are…

Enhance Your Law Firm’s CRM With Introhive

Through Introhive’s relationship intelligence automation (RIA), your firm can remove the need for manual data entry or management, sparing your lawyers from having to do the laborious task themselves. But more importantly, Introhive puts the right information in the hands of the right person, at the right time – just like your local restaurant’s POS system.

Find out how Introhive can leave a positive impact at your law firm by requesting a product demo.

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