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Introhive’s Approach to Customer Success

A happy customer talks to a customer success manager.How a dedication to customer experience and success sets Introhive apart

On the hunt for an enterprise relationship management (ERM) platform? Consider the world’s most popular ERM tool: Introhive. Today, more than 150,000 market-facing professionals in more than 80 countries use our platform to unearth business-building connections and streamline customer data management.

Our best-in-class relationship intelligence and business automation products is definitely one reason we’re no. 1 ( you sure won’t find our cutting-edge mix of features anywhere else). But based on customer feedback I’ve been lucky to hear, I think the real secret sauce is our unparalleled customer experience.

To find out what exactly makes our customer service so unique, I sat down with Introhive’s Vice President of Customer Success, Nigel Orfei.  

Q. How do you explain Introhive’s value, and the customer success team’s value?

Nigel: We help organizations realize their investment in CRM. A lot of organizations have bought or are recently implementing a CRM solution and they’re in the process of selling the benefits and use cases for their users. They’ve either struggled with users logging into the tool or suspect they are going to have troubles, and we eliminate that challenge by automating the creation of data into CRMs and making it easier for users to add data. We also help them understand who knows who, identifying relationships and making it faster and simple to ask for warm introductions.

When it comes to customer success, our role is to work closely with clients to ensure they realize their return on investment in Introhive. This begins with verifying that all users have access to the platform and are using the features they have planned. We then help our clients measure their success and continue to share use cases for the platform to help them uncover new ways they can benefit from their initial investment.

Additionally, thanks to the frequency of engagement between the customer success team and our client base, we are able to keep customers aware of upcoming features and proactively match their business goals against our current roadmap to recommend solutions. This also helps us recognize opportunities to build new innovations that will effectively satisfy clients’ use cases. In the end, our customers are gaining a trusted advisor and solution expert who will work alongside them to ensure a successful rollout and on-going support. It’s what makes us stand out from other ERM providers in the market today.

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Q. What do you think Introhive does differently when it comes to our customer experience approach?

Nigel: We make time for our customers our top priority and we take the relationship seriously. We meet with our customers for 30 minutes a week at a minimum. Part of that is because we’re not only seeking to understand why they bought the platform, but also to continually understand how they’re using it, their adoption, and what features they’re getting the most benefit from or would like to see developed in the future. Most of our customers have a lot of difficult stories about how they bought a solution and it failed so they’re moving over to Introhive because we’re more responsive. I’ve had customers tell me, “I tell all my other vendors to be more like you guys because nobody actually responds to emails these days and we can’t get people on the phone and we can’t get meetings.” We get really great feedback across the board.

Q. So, would you say your relationship with customers goes beyond providing support to being more of an advocate or consultant?

Nigel: Absolutely. We frequently get asked to help our customers solve business challenges that their users are faced with. We bring more than just technology; we bring industry knowledge.

Another differentiator that we hear from our customers is that we not only track issues, we go back and provide updates, we fight to get features added, and we innovate frequently. A couple of customers recently told me that the features in our last [product] release were more than their previous provider did in two years of being with them. So, the fact that we listen and add their feedback in[to our product roadmap], is really valuable to our customers. And they share that with us.

Q. Before you joined us, you were with Salesforce? How did that experience set you up for success supporting Introhive customers?

Nigel: I have a good understanding of the different features and benefits of the different customer relationship management [CRM] systems, why customers buy a CRM solution, the elements that are frequently used, the common pitfalls or challenges. And then [I also have] a solid understanding of how to create reports, dashboards, custom elements and tailoring a solution to match our use case when we’re a customer but also our customers’ use cases.

Q. How have you seen Introhive help customers increase their revenue?

Nigel: I hear a lot of anecdotes to that end, but here’s one specific scenario. When users get our Pre-Meeting Digest [an automated, aggregated client intelligence report tied to upcoming meetings] they get news on the very top of the digest about that particular client. And, in this particular scenario, a user was in a waiting room waiting to meet with a client and opened up their Pre-Meeting Digest and saw company news about that organization acquiring another company. That individual was going to talk to the customer about their existing account, maximizing their organization as a contractor. But in the end, that meeting was all about that acquisition the person read about. And it actually turned into a sales opportunity, because they ended up talking about tax implications of the acquisition related to global tax laws. Afterwards, the Introhive customer told us, “You guys are really on the ball. You’re staying on top of what’s in the news. I’m shocked that you even knew that.”

Beyond revenue building, though, we also see a lot of savings scenarios. The value of the data that we’re surfacing for our customers and their understanding of all the relationships that exist that they didn’t know of before—the numbers are staggering. One recent customer, in their initial pilot, was able to realize a savings of US$87,000. That was after just 18 days.  

Case Study: Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt

Q. How can relationship tracking save a business relationship in peril?
Nigel: Here’s a good example. When I lead the Salesforce Marketing Cloud renewals team, we’d pursue a renewal 90 days to six months before they were set to renew, depending on the value. We had to get up to speed on the account. Whether we had to just send them the paperwork to sign off or re-sell them on the product, the challenge I ran into was that I didn’t always know who knew who, and the various relationships with the account. Introhive would have been massive for me because I was constantly emailing and phoning people trying to find out who knew different people. I see this opportunity as a big win specifically for our customers in tech and telecommunications where renewal business is really key.

Q. What’s one of the most common use cases you see where Introhive is benefiting customers in ways they might not have thought of previously?

Nigel: Legacy planning. Because a lot of organizations just don’t have any real data going into their CRM, solving that use case is massive for firms when it comes to helping to ensure legacies. When people leave an organization, often they will take all the knowledge of their client relationships with them. But [with Introhive companies are] moving away from tribal knowledge and getting the information about who someone knows into a common form. This definitely isn’t a unique challenge. And the feedback we get from these scenarios is massive.

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I hope Nigel’s story piqued your interest. If you want to learn more about our best-in-class features and unparalleled support, download this fact sheet, watch the video below, request a demo or contact me today.

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