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Data Quality Management: A Business Case

Data quality is discussed often at the 10,000-foot level, but how often do you consider the actual data quality within your organization? For many organizations, the answer is both not often enough and not deeply enough. Bad data can have an enormous impact on your productivity and – most importantly – your bottom line. Let’s dig in…

As a high performing company, every functional area within your organization invests a tonne of effort into their craft. Sales and business development spend hours researching prospects to form highly personalized outreach, marketers work tirelessly to develop and launch engaging campaigns, and sales operations teams build, and analyze reports in hopes of revealing insights.  

All the programs, campaigns and initiatives described above are dependent on data to function properly. In fact, data is the foundation that your entire business is built upon. Without quality data, all the hard work and creativity your go-to-market team puts in will fall short of its full potential. 

Infographic displaying the cost of bad data in business. Data Quality Management.

To better understand how data is impacting your organization, check out our ROI calculator.

When your data is in order the results can be extraordinary, and when it gets out of hand, the downstream effects can be costly. Put simply, the output you receive (ROI) will only be as good as the input (data). By investing sooner into the quality of your organization’s data, you can avoid the exponential growth in cost associated with fixing bad data over time – not to mention setting your team up for success by ensuring the data you have today can inform your decisions tomorrow.

In short, implementing a data governance strategy and supporting technology is a worthy endeavour. If you’re looking to get a hold of your data quality for good, request a demo today to learn how other Sales and Marketing leaders are leveraging Introhive’s category-leading data quality management solution to 3X their marketable contacts with 90%+ accuracy.

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