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Using Data to Unlock Visibility Into Go To Market Execution

We’re now at the end of January, which means most companies are (hopefully) in the midst of finalizing and rolling out their go-to-market plans for 2021. For many companies, this planning culminates in a Sales Kick-Off, where the organization unveils its goals, target verticals and accounts, territory assignments, sales strategies and more for the year. 

But after the dust settles and the blitz of calls and emails begins, many companies begin to lose sight of their strategy and how it’s unfolding. For example:

  • Do you have visibility into account coverage? 
  • Is there a key account with a declining relationship?
  • Are reps ramping properly?
  • Are we multithreading into opportunities and accounts? 

The truth is, many companies don’t have the data they need to coach reps, execute on their strategy, or quickly pivot when things start to break down. Operating a business without proper customer intelligence is like driving a vehicle with a foggy windshield and no rearview mirror. In short: you probably wouldn’t do it! 

Adopting CRM automation and AI-enabled revenue operations solutions like Introhive reveals what’s taking place across your go-to-market strategy in real-time. 

Take Introhive’s Productivity Intelligence Suite, for example. With Time and Deal Coach, revenue teams are armed with complete visibility into the activities reps are completing, the stakeholders engaged on the buying and selling side, and the winnability of opportunities – all in one convenient interface. This enables sales managers with the data required to transform their one-on-ones from an exercise of inspection to one of coaching and strategy. 

If you’re looking to unlock unprecedented visibility into the state of your go-to-market strategy this year, reach out for a demo today. 

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