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Data Enrichment Services: Going Beyond Traditional Email Signature Scraping to Drive 3X Relationships Into CRM

Woman Checking Email on a LaptopCRM users spend an average of 5.5 hours each week creating and updating contacts in their system. But even after spending all of that time in CRM, the data shows that those contacts are inaccurate, incomplete, or duplicated. In fact:

  • 88% of CRM users admit to entering incomplete contact information
  • 69% of people have out of date CRM data
  • 63% have duplicate contacts in their CRM

All of this adds up to a CRM system that is bogged down with poor data. In an effort to acquire complete contact records and regularly create CRM contacts, many organizations turn to email scraping tools. To many organizations, signature scraping is viewed as a new age, innovative solution, however the technology has been around for a while. Traditional email scrapers are limited by the data that can be found in email signature data – if a signature is even included in an email – which oftentimes is incomplete and is missing key business information.

Here at Introhive, we have our own email signature scraping technology, but we are working with progressive firms in the professional services and legal industries to go beyond traditional and legacy scraping methods. If email signature scraping is table stakes, we’ve upped the ante with our suite of data enrichment services.

Firms using Introhive’s Data Enrichment Services not only have the ability to identify new contacts via the emails you receive and send, but are identifying 3X the number of relationships that live in email and other business systems that signature scraping on its own can’t pick up. Talk about a game changer.

The Limitations of Traditional Email Scraping Tools

Let’s dive a bit deeper. Traditionally, email signature scraping tools look at email communications to identify contact information that is included in the email message. Using the signature, the tool then parses it into a contact record using the name, job title, company, phone number, and other pieces of information that are included in the individual’s email signature. But this is where the flow of contact information stops.

Using the email signature as the only source of contact information can be extremely limiting. Especially when you consider the fact that only 52% of people use signatures in their email. And not every signature is created equal, meaning your quality of contacts will vary signature to signature. If your goal is to have compete, detailed contact records, traditional email scraping simply can’t paint the full picture.

In addition to not being able to capture information beyond an email signature, traditional signature scraping tools typically require access to the email message body. As a law firm dealing with sensitive information, turning over email message contents to a third party can be a non-starter. With Introhive’s Data Enrichment Service and optional signature scraper, your email message bodies never leave  the firm’s network or go beyond the firewall.

Leveling-Up Your Contact Data

Superior Data Enrichment

When you identify a new contact, getting all of the information you can on that person is critical for supporting your business development and marketing efforts. For example, if you want to invite a contact to a leadership session or industry event, it’s important to have call back information for those individuals. Introhive’s data enrichment services are there to provide that information and more.

Introhive | Introhive ScreenShot 01 1024x435 1 | Data Enrichment Services: Going Beyond Traditional Email Signature Scraping to Drive 3X Relationships Into CRM

Our email signature scraper is one component of our advanced data enrichment service. Compared to legacy solutions, Introhive uses machine learning and data enrichment technology to look beyond just the signature and help you identify three times as many contacts with incredible accuracy. By pairing these two services together, you can access more publicly available information on your contacts without having to go looking for it, including social media profiles, mutual connections, job titles, and more.

Introhive Email Scraping and Data Enrichment Graph

Plus, when you layer in Introhive’s relationship insights, including scoring your relationship strength, that will further accelerate your team’s business development efforts and outcomes. If you can see the relationships that are at risk and the relationships that are ripe with opportunity, you can prioritize your business development efforts in a way that increases cross-selling, client retention, and speeds along the sales cycle. Without data enrichment and
relationship intelligence, those goals become harder to reach. Especially with a CRM that has inaccurate, incomplete, or duplicate data as it hinders your ability to effectively communicate with your target prospects or priority customers.

Complete Control Over Email Content

At Introhive, we’ve been working with some of the top professional services firms for several years. After working closely with them, we understand that privacy and security are top concerns of theirs.

With this in mind, we made an email signature scraper that works securely and sits server-side, behind your firewall. This gives you full access to the signature scraper and the data it’s compiling. Because of this, your firm can rest assured that your sensitive email content will never leave your firm’s network.

Taking Steps to Improve Your CRM Data

Introhive is always evolving and adding features that improve your CRM experience, ensuring that your team has what they need for more effective business development. We’re continuously listening to customer feedback to identify new opportunities for product development and enhancement. It’s part of what inspired our new email signature scraping and data enrichment services.

Through Introhive’s email signature scraping and data enrichment services, you can automatically increase the number of contacts in your business network while enhancing the data your firm has access to for marketing and business development. Request a demo to learn more.

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