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Event Follow-up Do’s and Don’ts

Introhive | url 20 | Event Follow-up Do's and Don'ts

I attended a few events a couple of weeks ago. One was a smaller event where we exhibited and the other two were larger events where I attended for a few hours and walked the floor of exhibits. Since then I’ve been receiving a lot of follow-up emails from companies that were involved at these events. A lot of follow-ups. Following up is good, we did it too, but all of the contact got me thinking about the various tactics and how well they work. Here’s what I’ve observed:

Personal Is Best
If you come back from an event where you have a dozen or so genuinely good contacts don’t throw them into a marketing campaign and blast them. Take the time to send a customized and personalized follow-up and I promise your results will be better. Heck, even if you have 50 good contacts, I think the time to do personal outreach is worth it.

Don’t Blast The List
Even though the organizers gave you the list of attendees doesn’t mean you should send each and every attendee an email. Just because they were there doesn’t make them a prospect, it makes them an email address. You wouldn’t buy an email list would you? Or would you? That’s a different blog post.

Don’t Fake It
I recently received a call from an inside rep following up on a meeting I had with someone at an event. Sounds good right? Here’s the problem: I never met them, didn’t know them and hadn’t heard of the company. The “meeting” never actually happened but I was at the event. If you must do mass outreach after an event be honest about what you’re doing.

Offer Value
A personalized and requested follow-up is awesome. A personalized and requested follow-up that offers value is perfect. Maybe it’s the presentation used at the event or an eBook. Maybe it’s something more specific. The best follow-up I received from the recent events I attended was an introduction to someone who could help me in my business. It was personal, specific to what we talked about and had a lot of value to me. Amazing and I’ll remember it forever.

Following up after events is critical part of the equation to make them successful. It’s how you activate the hard work you do in preparation, on the event floor and in your booth. So how do you do it? What follow-up does you do to make your events a success.

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