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Experts Reveal What You Need to Know Before You Dump Your CRM

Rubber stamp that says “dumped”It’s challenging when you’ve invested thousands, even millions of dollars, and countless hours implementing a CRM system, but it’s not producing a return on that investment of time and money. Years later, your business development professionals aren’t embracing it like they should be.

At that point, the value proposition of newer, slicker system can be very alluring. But before you succumb to the high price of temptation, you might want to clarify, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the source of your CRM problem: Is it the CRM or your relationship with it?

Consider a survey we just conducted of 185 sales professionals who mostly work at mid-market or large enterprises. While most appreciate their CRM and use it often, the vast majority say they would love it far more if it was easier to get what they want from it. To help address this issue, we turned to the experts: professionals who have dedicated their careers to driving business development success through smart CRM implementation. At this moment, we’re compiling their insight, along with the findings from our survey, in an ebook, Don’t Dump Your CRM. Here’s a sampling of what it will reveal:

  • The fundamental truth of most CRMs and how that’s holding companies back, according to Chris Hergesell, Executive Director – Customer Operations Performance Improvement, Ernst & Young.
  • The biggest CRM mistake companies make, according to Michael Krigsman, Industry Analyst and Host, CXOTALK.
  • How people are changing the way they buy and how CRM is critical to helping business development respond, according to Randy Batson, Executive Director, Ernst & Young.
  • What business development professionals really want from CRMs, according to Kate Leggett, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester.
  • How to ensure your CRM is best serving your business development professionals, according to Adam Draper, Sales Director, Introhive.

And I’ll tell you what makes the best CRMs stand apart.

Of course, you’re going to get many more insights from these and other CRM thought leaders. Reserve your ebook today to be among the first to find out what it takes to change your relationship with your CRM for the better.

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