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Five Smart Reasons to Link Social Selling and Your CRM

Earlier this week, one of my many psychology newsletters subscriptions sent me an interesting article from the economist Garett Jones of George Mason University on “National IQ and National Productivity,” which essentially shows that a nation’s intelligence level is associated with a number of important economic outcomes. In a nutshell, the article essentially showed that nations with smarter people are the nations that rule the world.

This idea might seem obvious to you, but it isn’t to most managers or sales teams. One might say, “Of course, I’d love to have a smarter team but I have to deal with what I have!” Relax, I’ve heard that excuse before and I’m not telling you to lay off your team because they aren’t in the top IQ percentile. I’m suggesting you arm your team with intelligence through the form of tools; tools that will make your team more intelligent in their dealings with prospects, colleagues, their industry, clients and existing leads.

This intelligence comes from technology. Specifically, technology that taps into your existing sales pipeline and existing client base to deliver data and insight that can be used to make the right decisions. Our software, does exactly that. Our software arms your sales team with the intelligence to create a smarter team; a team that is informed and strategically aligned in their social selling approach.

Here are five reasons why you should connect social selling to your CRM:

Identify Hidden Opportunities

Do you know everything going on within your team as it relates to sales activity, relationship strength and productivity? I’m sure you know what your sales team tells you but do you really have all the answers?

Social selling software like Introhive can give you the opportunity to understand all the activity and relationships impacting strategic accounts throughout your organization. Arming you with the ability identify hidden opportunities in which team members are building stronger relationships with clients and giving you the ability to recognize an opportunity to sell more product.

Uncover Gaps In Relationships

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When integrated with CRM technologies, the power of social selling becomes real. It understands individual relationships and tracks the strength of those relationships across your team. This data provides insight by notifying organizations when there’s a decline in relationship strengths on particular accounts giving them the ability to work with sales reps to improve.

Make Better Introductions

The best social selling teams recognize the power of numbers as it relates to relationships. The best teams recognize that their relationships with people and the relationships of their team are their most important assets.

One of the best ways to build a strong network among your team is through introductions and referrals. Social selling software when combined with your CRM can unlock quality insights around who has relationships where and with whom. This intelligence can give your team the insight to know who should be making warm introductions for your team so you can start on the right track.

Make Smarter Decisions

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Relationships aren’t just about selling more product – they’re also an important part of hiring. Using social selling software, you can save time in your hiring process by ensuring that you’re hiring people who have strong & relevant connections. If you’re looking for someone who can sell healthcare equipment, you’re not going to hire someone who only has relationships in the retail industry.

Social selling tools helps you verify the strength of a candidate’s network of connections in a matter of minutes – you can get a visualization of who they know and how well they know them. It’s this insight that will help save you time and money by making the right hire the first time around by validating the worth of the candidates relationship network.

Generate More Sales

Introhive | url 22 1 | Five Smart Reasons to Link Social Selling and Your CRM

Every time you make a decision or don’t make a decision, it impacts your teams success. It’s important to arm yourself and your team with the information required to ensure that those decisions are smart, strategic and effective.

Social selling technology has the power to show you which accounts have the strongest connections and allocate resources appropriately. You can map sales reps to accounts and territories where they have the strongest connections based on big data giving them a great chance of success.

Want to learn more about using Introhive in your CRM? Watch the video below or request a demo today.

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