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Four Awesome Apps that Every Sales Pro Should Try

The mobile phone has changed business forever.

As many question the trend of mobile dependency, one thing we cant deny is the power of mobile software and its role in increasing effectiveness and efficiency in sales. Whether it’s through a mobile version of Dropbox, a new email application or your existing CRM, mobile has changed the game. But what about the apps that go under the radar?

We often talk about the importance of productivity apps and apps for managing our customer relations but there’s so much more out there when you escape the bubble. Here are four apps that we think are underrated and that every sales pro should give a try:


TurboScan turns your iPhone/iPad into a multipage scanner for documents, receipts, notes, whiteboards, and other text. With this app, you can quickly scan your documents and store or email them as multipage PDF or JPEG files. TurboScan will set you back $1.99 (or local equivalent) but it will be the cheapest scanner and fax machine you ever buy.

The app uses a wide range of algorithms to help ensure that when you snap a photo of your documents that it balances shading, angles and any awkward shadows. It’s without question an application that should be installed on any professionals phone as it’s an easy way to improve your overall effectiveness and efficiency.


Music can be a powerful force. In fact, it is sometimes banned to prevent athletes from gaining an unfair advantage during competitions. Why? Because of its capacity to energize and increase endurance. Music is not only great for athletes but also for professionals who are striving to reach tight timelines and audacious goals.
There are a lot of music apps out there. Whether we’re talking about Songza, 8tracks, Spotify or Grooveshark, the number of music apps launched on a yearly basis continues to grow. Of all these applications, Rdio has quickly become my music player of choice even over itunes. Rdio lets you listen to millions of songs ad-free wherever you are – on the web, on your phone and even offline for only 9.99 a month.


If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. That’s the saying frequently associated with the importance of using your brain and using it often. Dots is an puzzle app that is very minimalist but very addictive. Over the last few months, Dots has generated lots of buzz around the web being coined as the Most Scarily Addictive Social Game Yet from Mashable and Highly addictive from the NY Times.

While it’s not going to help you generate any new leads or close any deals, dots is a great game for getting into your zen place. Yes, Yoga would probably be the better choice when you’re in a stressful situation but it’s probably not often that you walk around carrying your mat. As such, dots provides a great brain teaser and mental stimulus to help you get away from the hustle and bustle for a quick 60 second game. Still not sure what dots is all about? Think Connect 4 but with unlimited connections.


While the entire concept of Uber is still being met with legal backlash, the idea is brilliant.
Uber is an on-demand private driver application that allows you to request a ride at any time using their mobile app. From there, Uber will dispatch the nearest driver to pick you up and you’ll also receive a text with the estimated arrival time. When the car arrives, you’ll get one more text to make sure you don’t miss them. After the ride, Uber will automatically charge the credit card you have associated with your account.

What apps do you use on a daily basis? Any favourites?

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