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Four Myths & Four Truths the Best Sales Teams Understand


Here are a few truths and myths that the best sales teams understand better than the rest:

Myth 1: The Best Sales People Can Sell Anything

While the best sales people can apply their skills from one industry to the next, it’s ridiculous to expect a sales professional to sell something they know nothing about. Furthermore, even the most successful sales people have met a deal they weren’t able to close and lock down. Different situations call for different approaches. That’s the key piece of the puzzle that the best sales teams recognize and understand.

Myth 2: Great interviews make great sales people

Sales people are usually great at selling themselves, even when they won’t be as great at selling your product. I personally believe that interviews should be a small part of hiring members of a sales team. Reference checks as well as the candidate’s validated history and relationships are a better predictor of success than anything that you’re told in an interview.

Myth 3: Technology Can Replace Sales Professionals

The best sales teams aren’t afraid of technology. Instead, they embrace technology as they can see the value it plays in making them more effective and more efficient. The best sales teams look for sales software and technologies that will help them do their job better as a unit. It’s this passion to becoming better and striving for greatness that truly differentiates those who thrive and those who merely survive.

Myth 4: The Best Sales People Excelled in School

Education is important but a great sales team isn’t focused on their talents GPA in University. Instead, they spend time focusing on their output and what they’ve done lately. The best teams are about getting the job done, being open minded, and pushing the envelope with a serious passion for self-education.

Truth 1: Sales Professionals Are Storytellers

The best sales teams share the story of their organization with every member of their team. Instead of simply sending their sales team off into the wild, they spend time educating their team on the story they’re trying to tell along with their vision. Additionally, the best sales teams know what stories are most likely to resonate with their target audience and use trial and error to get their story right.

Truth 2: The Best Sales Teams Have Passion

The best sales teams are passionate and competitive. While they work as a team, they also work as a team of mentors, motivators and supporters. The best sales team isn’t filled with individuals who are solely passionate about their individual gains but also are passionate about their client’s successes and winning as a team in comparison to the competition.

Truth 3: Relationships Rule Everything

Great sales professionals know that they are only as good as their network. In some ways, the best sales teams and businesses understand that their net worth is related to their network. Whether we’re talking about clients, employers or colleagues – each of these relationships matter as they could lead to an opportunity in the future. Great sales people embrace their relationships and put in the work as they subscribe to a philosophy that is based on quality over quantity.

Truth 4: The Best Sales Teams Get Support

It’s easy to get caught up with a combination of pride and ego this day and age. Instead of allowing your ego to get in the way of your sales teams success, the best teams recognize the importance of inter-office communication. The best teams have a manager who is frequently in touch with the folks in marketing and product to ensure that everything is aligned from a strategic perspective. Additionally, they ensure that their team has the tools and sales kits required to do their job. It’s about teamwork and open collaboration.

What other truths and myths do you think need to be brought to the surface as it relates to the sales industry?

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