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Four Social Selling Resolutions That Will Make The New Year Successful

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It’s that time of the year again. It’s that time of the year when gyms are filled with new faces and alarm clocks are set an hour earlier than usual. It’s time to start planning a list of New Year’s resolutions, and convincing yourself that this year you’ll actually keep them.

When most people think about their New Year’s resolutions, they often think about more about their personal life and less about their professional life. People make resolutions like joining a yoga studio or cutting back on smoking, and spend little time thinking about how they can improve in their work. While it’s important to improve your personal habits, there are also opportunities to improve your professional ones.

Here are a few New Year’s resolutions you should make:

Contact Old Connections On A Regular Basis

It’s known that business relationships are the backbone of any organization’s success. We focus on relationships when we’re trying to pursue a potential client, but we often forget about the importance of retaining those relationships.

Take the time in the New Year to build and nurture existing and previous relationships. Call them on the phone and chat with them about their existing issues, and strive to counsel them when appropriate. This effort will stick with them, and throughout their entire career they’ll remember you and how you constantly put forward an effort to help them succeed.

Make More Introductions

Introductions are a simple relationship tactic that can help propel your career. It’s introductions that will help you close a deal or connect the right people together to achieve something great. Introductions are a sure-fire way to build trust; they ultimately have a positive impact on those you’re connected with. Introductions are a key piece of the relationship-building puzzle, one that is essential to success.

Not sure how to make the perfect intro? Check out the Networkers Guide On How To Make Great Introductions.

Arrange Strategic Coffee Meetings

A couple of years ago, Mark Suster wrote Why You Should Take 50 Coffee Meetings and it’s an idea that has stuck with me since I read it for the first time. His rationale for taking so many coffee meetings was built on the idea of building stronger relationships. Further, he expressed the idea of how increasing the number of coffee meetings we take can assist in recruitment, media outreach, job hunting and more.

In the New Year, think about whom you should be meeting for coffee. Identify a couple of people who are doing interesting things, but with whom you may have lost contact over the years. Identify people who could help you in the future, but whom you could also help in the present. In doing so, you’ll probably unlock new opportunities that were once unavailable.

Embrace New Technology

What’s the latest application or tool you’ve embraced? If you’re like most sales professionals, your answer is a CRM. It’s time to go beyond the CRM and embrace technologies that will give you a competitive advantage in the upcoming year.

Look for apps and technologies (like ours) that can help you make social selling real. Identify the technologies that will enable you can become more productive, effective and make better decisions in 2014.

What do you have on your New Year’s resolution list?

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