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Get At The Table: How To Land A Meeting With Your Dream Client

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We all have a list of our dream clients, those big fish that dominate the waters of success and brilliance and if only you could get their attention long enough for them to bite at your line.

Dramatics aside, your dream client might be closer than you think.

But you can’t just pick up the phone and call them, can you? Sure you can! Well, if you have their number…But there’s more than just one way! In fact, there are a few strategies that can help you avoid the awkward cold call and ultimately increase the chances that you’ll be able to get in front of them.

Here are a few tactics you can use if you want to land a meeting with your dream client:

  1. Leverage a mutual connection
  2. Be persistent with follow ups
  3. Set clear and specific objectives
  4. Communicate your time requirement
  5. Get creative with your approach

1. Leverage a mutual connection

Often one of the most underused tactics for getting a new prospect is seeking out a mutual connection to make an introduction for you.

Think about it — we all know someone that does something. It’s only right that we lean on each other now and then to help get us in the door (or at the table, in this case).

Start by scoping out your clients, colleagues, and friends on LinkedIn and look for prospects that share a connection with you. These introductions are warm and one of the best ways to get new business. Our Introhive platform offers you the tools you need to identify who in your organization has connections with existing prospects so strategic introductions can be made with ease.

Before you know it, you’ll be kicking yourself for doing it the hard way up until now.

2. Be persistent with follow ups

Securing an appointment with your dream client is going to require patience and perseverance. The meeting won’t happen overnight; effort and follow-up will be necessary. You might need a specific schedule that will need to be implemented to close your client. Something like:

  • Week One: Introduction
  • Week Two: Follow Up For Meeting
  • Week Three: Follow Up With Relevant Case Study
  • Week Four: Follow Up With Infographic
  • Week Five: Etc, etc, etc….

Hold your ground and don’t give up. If your schedule doesn’t work and you’ve done everything from sharing content in the form of thought leadership pieces to case studies, it might be time to take it to the next level. Go beyond email and try calling your dream client and leaving a personal message.

3. Set clear and specific objectives

Remember that your dream client is very busy and likely spends a significant amount of time managing sales request that require his/her time.

The key to standing out is to first make it easy for your client to make the time by setting clear objectives and identifying exactly what you want from this meeting. This way, the client will feel confident that you’re not going to waste his/her time and will understand the value proposition in advance. This will bring him/her one step closer to “yes.”

4. Communicate your time requirement

How much time do you really need? Building of my last point, it’s important to know – and communicate – the time requirement you’re looking for up front.

For example, instead of asking for an appointment, ask for a 30-minute appointment. By identifying the requested commitment up front and reducing it to a short 30-minute greet, it makes it easier for your prospect to schedule time to meet you. After all, you should be able to demonstrate enough value in 30 minutes (or less) to generate interest and to land a second meeting.

5. Get creative with your approach

Your efforts to land the meeting should be as stimulating as your pitch, your product, your desired client experience, in fact it should be all this and more.

Creativity is exciting and contagious – everyone wants more of it and appreciates it others. Don’t let the boundaries of fear, nerves, or traditional methods hold you back from your dreams. It’s important to be creative not just with your approach but also in ensuring that your story is aligned with the prospects needs and wants.

For example, use social media to get to know your prospect on multiple levels. Research their products and/or services, current approach, gaps for improvement, who works at the company, what is their philosophy?

In addition, know in advance what his/her hobbies are, do they have a family, a recent vacation, passion or community involvement? These insights will strengthen your pitch, enhance your introduction, and give substance to your first interaction.

This approach to targeting might just get you a bite!

Following these steps won’t guarantee a sale, but it will help get you in the room. Try it out and let me know how it goes.

I know there are more. Tweet at us with your tactics that you use to land meetings with desirable prospects.

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