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Health, Fitness, and 2021 Mottos

Health is a hot topic right now – especially given the last year where we all had to learn how to adapt and move on, with an emphasis here on move. We all know that exercise is good for our bodies, but it also helps reduce our stress and anxiety levels. By doing exercise and releasing serotonin, we can improve our mental health and feel happier whilst getting fitter.

For most, even taking away the commuters’ walk – whether that be to the station, bus stop or to the office – has seriously depleted the amount of time we are out of our seats, walking and getting fresh air. It has also been incredibly hard to stop work coming home with us now we are working in our homes. The work/life balance is very easily tipped and so we need to ask ourselves to ensure that it does not favour a particular way. 

Introhive gets moving

Like many others, Introhive employees have noticed a change in their daily exercise routines over the last year, with many conversations revolving around “who’s doing what walk”, “what new piece of gym equipment did you get?”, “what’s the new fitness app to try?” With this in mind, we decided we wanted to host fitness events to get people up and moving, doing something different, and to connect our people so everyone feels less alone doing yet another home workout in our living room or kitchen!

We hosted two fitness events in February led by two separate fitness experts: Wayne Jordon for the UK and Sayre Masters for the US. Their sessions differed in style but the motivation and dynamic attitude were one and the same: upbeat, high-energy movements that helped us feel ready to crush our days.

Sayre’s energy kicked started the morning better than a cup of coffee! Her workout routine tested our stamina and woke us up for the day ahead. Although we may have already been sleepy or tired from our working week, Sayre’s high-energy attitude made us all take on a positive attitude for the day. It was safe to say that the session was a step towards our fitness challenge and also helped us de-stress and improve moods. 

Taking our fitness mottos and mantras  forward

Wayne’s motto for our energetic, spirited Wednesday morning workout was “I can. I will,” while Sayre reminded us over and over: “You got this.” It’s a phrase most of us have probably said to ourselves in some form or another, especially over the last year. Whether it’s making sure you balance that work/home life now they have blended into one, making sure you go for that walk to get some fresh air or even taking up a new hobby to keep you entertained. I have made my own new year resolutions, with a focus on fitness and improving my overall health but my other resolution is to challenge myself and to have faith in my abilities to accomplish what I put my mind to.

I can and I will. I got this. 

— Jordyn Pankhurst, Marketing Manager

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