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High Performance Teams in the Age of Covid-19

Working on a high-performance team is one of my favourite things about working at Introhive but it’s important to understand that the term reflects far more than just output and success. The highest-performing teams not only crush goals and break records, but they also have a close-knit quality, a special bond if you will. 

I joined Introhive in March 2020 – literally days before Covid-19 disrupted our personal and our professional lives in ways we hadn’t even imagined it could. On my tenth day of Hive Life, we closed our Halifax office. I distinctly remember leaving the office that day thinking, I’ll be back in a couple of weeks. We’ll be OK.

Fast-forward a year and I’m writing this post from my new home office but I was right about one thing: we’re ok. In fact, we’re much more than OK.

The thing that’s struck me most over the past twelve months is how engaged our team is. Beyond the sheer volume of work we do, the connectedness and energy of our team is nothing short of impressive. So, how do we do it? Well…

Create space for connection and creativity

Whether you’re all in-house or all at your own houses, creating space for connection and creativity (and, of course, collaboration) is one of the most important things you can do each week to keep your team in sync. 

For teams in the office, finding time weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly, to come together in one room and spend time troubleshooting or just shooting the you-know-what helps foster a closer bond among teammates and enables everyone to uncover new ideas and opportunities. Remote team? Hold a regular Zoom call dedicated to co-working and collaboration. Don’t set an agenda. 

Embrace your tech stack

Slack. Zoom. Agorapulse. Asana. Introhive. Hubspot. Whatever works for your team, work it out. From communicating across the team and departments to keeping everyone’s tasks organized, every high performing team is working with at least one or two tech solutions designed to improve productivity and reduce the burden on their people.

By letting tech solutions take over some of the mundane tasks or streamline what can’t be automated, you free up your team to use their brains on the stuff that really matters: the jobs they were hired to do. 

Win and lose, together

Early in my career, a project went belly-up and the anxiety among us newbies was palatable. Would someone be in trouble over this? Would they be fired? Would it be me? ran through our minds as we prepared to break the news to our department head. But, instead of a scene from The Devil Wears Prada, we had a moment of camaraderie as our boss explained that we win and lose as a team. This is probably the thing I’m most proud of with the Introhive marketing team – we take our wins and losses together, and we learn from every single one.

We celebrate the campaigns that knock our socks off and we dissect and build upon the lessons when they haven’t gone quite to plan. By creating a space where it’s safe to experiment and fail, our team can do the best work possible.

Come and join our team! 

High-performance teams are a trend at Introhive, with incredible productivity and success in virtually every department across our organization and guess what? We’re always looking for the next Hiver to help make us smarter, stronger, and better. Check out our Careers page or get in touch to learn more about working with us.

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