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How AI can help your organization uncover hidden revenue

Picture this: It’s the first chilly day of winter and you reluctantly pull out your parka. It’s been months since you last wore it, of course, but you settle into its comfortable fit and head out the door. Realizing it’s cooler than you thought, you slip your hands into the pockets and voila! A $20 bill. 

Most of us have had the experience of finding some money in a purse, jacket, or bag over the course of our years. It’s a simple pleasure just to find a couple of bucks you’d forgotten about. But imagine if you could dig into your organization’s pocket and uncover untapped revenue with about as much work as it takes to slide your hand into the pocket of your warmest winter coat? It turns out you can. 

Over the past several months, organizations have had to change the ways they do business. Without networking events, trade shows, industry conferences, or even a good, old-fashioned in-person meeting, many teams are left wondering “Where can I find leads now?” or “How can I best reach out to my cold prospects?

At a time when we can’t just meander down the hall to ask a colleague if they know so-and-so or for advice on a particular account, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science are changing the game for revenue teams. Read on to learn how Introhive can help you drive business through relationships you didn’t know you had while providing AI coaching to help your team achieve major hustle. 

Uncover contacts

Uncover hidden contacts with IntrohiveWe’d bet our bottom dollar that if you polled everyone in your company, a good chunk would admit to not updating your CRM regularly or diligently. Why? Because your sales team has better things to do than update CRM data. (Sorry!) And, honestly, that’s really not how you want them to spend their time anyway.

Introhive passively uncovers countless contacts per employee, adds them to your CRM, and maps relationships to provide actionable insights for your team. On average, 350 contacts are uncovered for each employee within an organization. 

Automate the mundane

Did you know that, on average, your team members are spending 5.5 hours updating CRM every week. That’s more than 250 hours a year spent on data entry and administrative tasks that could be spent with your customers, finding new opportunities, and pushing deals across the finish line. 

Further, by automating the process, human error is avoided and contacts and activity updates are seamlessly sent to CRM. This equates to higher data quality, better visibility into your active sales funnel, and actionable insights that drive business. 

Skip the guesswork: Let AI coaching guide you through the processIntrohive | 1 Data backed AI Coaching 300x251 1 | How AI can help your organization uncover hidden revenue

Chances are, you can’t remember every step in the process of your previous successful deals. That’s OK – we can’t either. Fortunately, our custom AI solutions and machine learning can remove the guesswork and give you data-driven insights to action at the right time.

Deal Coach can help your team understand what actions were taken and when to win similar deals in the past based on your company’s unique data. There’s no “one size fits all” solution here: this customized solution leverages your organization’s historical deal data to help set your team up for the best chance for success. Similarly, Time Coach allows your team to better understand where they’re spending their time and learn to optimize that time to focus on the best possible actions to drive success. These solutions give managers the ability to quickly identify problems, spot high-performing team members, and gain increased visibility into the sales funnel.

Detox your data

Most companies have a fairly steady flow of changes throughout their organizational structure over the course of a year. From promotions to retirements, new hires and even name changes as a result of marital status updates! When this happens, it renders the data you entered into your CRM, even just a year prior, out-of-date (or useless!)

Cleanse™ gives your organization the power to scrub your database, remove the data you don’t need, and update and optimize the data you do need. With a clean database, you can quickly identify lonely customers or untapped prospects to reach out to.

If you’re ready to see how AI can surprise and delight you, just like finding a surprise $20 in your wool coat, contact us today! We’d love to show you how Introhive can uncover hidden revenue and streamline your processes – without the frostbite.  


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