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How “Automated” Is Your CRM? Find Out In Two Minutes [Quiz]

7Did you know that sales productivity has actually decreased in the last five years? We now have cars that avoid accidents and virtual assistants that respond to our every voice command. Yet, somehow, the majority of sellers and BD pros admit that the latest sales tools are more of an obstacle than a facilitator of sales performance. It doesn’t add up. Enter CRM Automation.

If you’re looking for a culprit, customer relationship management (CRM) is a good place to start. Especially when you consider that the typical sales professional spends 5.5 hours per week logging data, costing companies an average of $13,200 per CRM user, per year.

It’s more than just the time investment. When people don’t use sales tools the way they’re supposed to – half your team neglects to use the CRM system for a multitude of reasons, for example – then it’s not really helping anyone. It’s just wasting time and money.

Is your CRM helping or hindering your company? Find out now by taking our two-minute quiz below.

If you’re barely automated, today is the day to make a change to customer relationship automation.

Have you heard that customer relationship automation (CRA) is the new CRM? The good news is that you don’t need to ditch your expensive CRM to make CRA a reality at your company. We’ll show you how Introhive makes CRA a snap when you schedule a 30-minute product demo of our CRM automation solutions.

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