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How Marketers Can Use Introhive Data for HubSpot

This won’t come as a surprise to anyone that knows me but I love numbers and analytics. I love digging deep and understanding the story that these numbers like to tell on how we’ve done in the past and what the future potentially has in store. As such, one of my favorite components of the Introhive platform is the data that we unearth.

With this data we can understand the relationship strengths on an individual or organizational level. We can see how strong the top relationship is within a certain company to quickly identify if the connections there are ones that are strong or if they are simply made up of a number of soft connections. We can then view this as an aggregate to understand how these relationships trend over time.

Not only is all of this data uncovered within the Introhive platform but also available in Salesforce through the Salesforce AppExchange. Exposing this data at the Salesforce level opens up whole new possibilities as it allows users to leverage this data with the rest of their reporting to view it in an entirely new light, such as viewing all the accounts in my sales pipeline by relationship strength.

Having this data inside of Salesforce not only opens up the possibilities of integrating Introhive data into you Salesforce reports but it also means that you can pass this data to any other platform that is using the Salesforce API.

Are there any other platforms that you would love to see Introhive data integrated into to help you with your everyday activities?  If so we’d love to hear them.

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