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3 Ways Introhive Can Help You Migrate From Before It’s Retired

People Reviewing Datacom, Salesforce’s first complete data enrichment solution within the platform, is headed for retirement.

By now, you’ve likely heard the news. will be officially retired on July 31, 2020. According to Salesforce, the decision to end service was made based on overwhelming feedback from users who were not happy with the quality of data provided by But what about current customers of

Salesforce customers will still need solutions to help keep data clean, accurate, and up to date. In order to keep up with their data cleanse efforts, customers will be able to select from other data enrichment solutions, like Introhive, from the AppExchange partner ecosystem.

With 2020 rapidly approaching, companies will need to reevaluate their data management models moving forward. Taking action now gives you the time to evaluate and implement more innovative solutions — solutions that can take you beyond just basic data enrichment and cleansing.

That’s why we have broken down three ways Introhive can help your organization migrate from Retirement: 3 Ways Introhive Can Help helped Salesforce users ensure better data quality, as well as surface relationship insights from their database. By migrating to Introhive, you’ll get a solution that not only enriches and cleans data within your CRM, but also integrates data from Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered enrichment technology that gathers information from social media, the web, list providers, and more. This means more robust, actionable insights that can help you strengthen and build relationships, and drive sales.

How does Introhive accomplish this?

Introhive is an Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM) platform designed to easily and securely integrate with your email server to identify new contacts, leads, and accounts that haven’t yet been added to Salesforce across employee email inboxes, calendars, and address books. The reality is that most professionals use their email environment to manage contacts and relationships, not CRM. With Introhive, Salesforce users and admins are notified of missing information in CRM and are prompted to sync that data to CRM with the click of a button from their email client.

By syncing new accounts, contacts, activities, tasks, and meeting notes directly from email, the average CRM user is drastically increasing the insights gathered in CRM across accounts, contacts, and activities without any of the manual data entry.

Let’s dive a bit deeper. There are three unique areas where Introhive can help replace and provide a more holistic data quality solution:

#1 – Gather More Information in CRM to Increase Data Accuracy

If your sales and business development team hopes to leverage CRM insights to move deals forward, data accuracy is paramount. Using advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze contact and account data across different validation sources, including email exchange, signature scraping technology, the web, social media profiles on LinkedIn, and other sources, Introhive is able to ensure over 90% data accuracy.

On top of the platform’s AI-powered enrichment capabilities, Introhive empowers teams to take an active role in driving up data quality. By automating the capture of contact, account, and activity in CRM for system users, business teams are able to increase the accuracy, completeness, and volume of the company’s database. Better data in CRM will lead to more new business opportunities, cross-sell and upsell opportunities at current accounts, and marketing will have better data to run campaigns.

#2 – Improve Efficiency by Automating Data Capture for Users

One of the biggest CRM headaches is that users spend an average of 5.5 hours each week manually logging new activities, entering new contacts, update account information, and creating tasks. All those hours should be spent servicing current clients or actively prospecting new business.

If we assume that your CRM users are paid $50 an hour and work 48 weeks out of the year, that’s $13,200 that you’re spending annually for each user to enter data into CRM. That number goes way up when an employees billable rate is a few hundred dollars per hour!

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Introhive eliminates the lion’s share of manual data entry with its patented CRM automation capabilities. As briefly outlined in the introduction, by automating the process of capturing account, contact, activity, and task data in CRM for every user, employees are given back precious hours, so they can spend that time building stronger relationships, upselling, or reaching out to new prospects.

In addition, Introhive allows Salesforce users to create new records or update contact information directly from their email inbox with the click of a button. Imagine being able to grow your database and increase data accuracy right from your email inbox.

#3 – Visualize Actionable Relationship Intelligence  in CRM & Mobile

Data enrichment and cleansing services help ensure that CRM data is well maintained. But in order to drive new business and grow revenue, other solutions often require your business development team to log into your CRM database to pull insights to prep for upcoming client meetings or review historical communications.

Introhive also helps your CRM users map relationships directly in account and contact records to easily analyze “who knows who” across your organization and how well they know them. Introhive’s open API framework allows this data to be included directly in the iFrame of the object records in Salesforce.

Better access to data and relationship intelligence is the key to unlocking your company’s relationship capital and all of that information can live right in Salesforce for your sales and marketing teams. Plus, Introhive will even push out CRM data and relationship intelligence information directly to your business teams in the form of a Pre-Meeting Digests. According to the Salesforce Research, State of Sales Report, the average sales rep spends 9% of their week gathering information to prepare for meetings.

Pre-Meeting Digests with Introhive do all the information gathering for you. Digests brings together all the information sales and business development need before meetings and can gather custom information from CRM and other business systems. Digests come out of the box with insights into recent company news, meeting attendee profiles, recent activity reports, tasks, open opportunities, and much more.

Make the Most Out of’s Retirement is on the way out. But instead of simply replacing the tool, there’s an opportunity to implement a more holistic solution. In addition to the data cleanse and enrichment services you need, Introhive can provide you with greater data accuracy, CRM automation, and relationship intelligence.

Request a demo with us for a personalized look at how Introhive can help enhance your Salesforce data.

Introhive is a preferred partner of Salesforce. Visit our AppExchange partner listing to learn more.

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