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Time management for sales professionals: how to spend more time selling

Asking sales professionals to spend six or more hours of their work week on manual data entry just sounds…crazy. Am I right? 

That’s a whole day every week that salespeople could be spending out in the wild, doing what they do best: making deals.

And yet, so many sales people are forced to spend that time on mundane data entry instead of doing the job they were hired to do. It is crazy!

Salespeople should be selling

So many companies with a CRM are still condemning their valued sales professionals to a day of forced manual data entry, even though that has been consistently reported by salespeople as their biggest challenge when using their CRM. 

All they want to do is be out there working their magic, not stuck inputting information. That is not effective time management.

It’s costing you revenue because you’re only getting 80% out of your sales force. It’s costing you even more because when they are out selling, they’re working from a customer database riddled with errors; errors that they themselves made when entering the data in the first place.

That’s a problem.

CRM data is a problem waiting to be solved

It’s no wonder you’re having issues with your CRM. It’s an invaluable tool that’s just not being used to its full potential.

Just like your sales team.

Making salespeople spend time on data entry isn’t solving any of the major problems that you’re having with your CRM, in fact it’s the direct cause of many of these problems. 

The mundane daily task of data entry that your salespeople are spending so many hours on isn’t even adding value to the CRM because it’s riddled with errors and inaccuracies. And because of the inevitable decaying of data due to normal circumstances like people switching roles or companies, there’s simply no way to manually keep a CRM up-to-date. 

Let salespeople do the job they were hired to do

Look—chances are, your sales team loves what they do. They excel when they have the tools to do their jobs well, which includes having an accurate CRM to draw from. They thrive on prospecting and building relationships and closing sales. 

The problem is most sales teams just don’t have clean CRM data at their fingertips. And they struggle daily to make the time to enter their customer data and do their part to maintain the CRM (which as we just pointed out is a futile task, anyway).

What if we told you there was a way to not only have nothing but clean data go into your CRM data but also cleanse it automatically to keep it sparkling clean from that day forward—with no manual data entry. By anyone. Ever. 

Revenue Acceleration to the rescue

The magical solution you’re looking for is called a Revenue Acceleration tool. This tool can fight data decay and restore CRM trust with the flip of a switch. And it was designed specifically for sales teams’ workflows.

Data entry automation creates a CRM you can trust with zero time or effort required. The automation capabilities of Revenue Acceleration solutions mean that, through AI tech and machine learning, all of your client data can be accurately captured and automatically entered into the CRM. 

The outcome? Salespeople can not only focus on selling but can also work with clean data, using it for valuable relationship intelligence. This means they will discover new revenue opportunities in your CRM by revealing hidden customer insights.

What could you do with a whole extra day each week to do what you do best?

A bonus day every week to sell more. Sounds like a dream come true, right? 

When automation takes over for the drudge work, not only are you liberated from spending  six or more hours per week on boring data entry, but you’ll also now have valuable CRM data to work with to do your job better! 

Think of the time you can spend on warm leads, well-researched prospecting calls, and closing important deals. Not to mention the kind of client relationships you can build always having accurate customer data at your fingertips.

Increase sales and boost your pipeline with CRM data guidance

The combination of a properly-functioning CRM and your salespeople can be a dream team. It starts with a foundation of clean, trustworthy CRM data through automation. You get accurate information input into the database automatically, and you can keep trusting it as the AI tools keep it up-to-date.

Armed with clean data, the Revenue Acceleration platform applies its AI to analyzing these vast amounts of data to make selling more effective. Its machine learning algorithms analyze all the customer information to derive valuable insights that you can use to guide your actions.

Finally, the system automatically distributes these actionable distilled insights, suggesting ways to implement them that will give you the optimal chance of creating an impressive boost in productivity and performance. 

What are you waiting for?

The technology is out there to give your salespeople an entire day per week back, to do what they do best: sell. Proper time management for sales professionals is in your grasp. What are you waiting for?

To learn more, read Grow Revenue, Relationships, and Retention—Your Guide to the Revenue Acceleration Journey

To see how Introhive’s Revenue Acceleration tools can directly help chase away your organization’s data blues, book a demo with Introhive today.

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