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Implementing Introhive: Blink & You’ll Miss It 

Implementing new technology can be daunting, and there is the assumption that all technology roll-outs will be costly, time-consuming, and resource heavy. Fortunately, this is not the case with implementing Introhive, because we’ve worked very hard to ensure that getting our platform up and running at your organization is quick and painless.

When it comes to implementing and onboarding of new technology, I’m always asked the following key questions:

  • What resources are required for a successful roll out?
  • How long will the implementation process take? 
  • Is training required for admins and end users? 

I’m delighted when I hear someone ask this, because the Introhive platform lets me provide answers that never cease to please and amaze.

Implementing Introhive is simple, with no disruptions

One of the things I love about the Introhive platform is that to begin capitalizing on the benefits takes as little as 14-30 days.  To demonstrate how simple to your business the process is, Introhive hosted a recent webinar: Implementing Introhive: Blink & You’ll Miss It.

Joining me on the webinar was our team of experts, Introhive’s Dave Laver, Technical Support Manager and Jason McAllister, Senior Support Manager. We were also joined by James Hood, Head of IT at Lupton Fawcett, an Introhive customer who gave a first hand account of his firm’s implementation experience. 

What does Introhive do? 

There’s a lot going on under the hood of the Introhive platform, but here’s a summary of what Introhive does:

  1. Automation of contact capture and data enrichment
  2. Relationship mapping and scoring
    • Who knows who and how well
    • Connects the dots between professionals and all their relationships to the outside world (existing and prospective clients)
  3. ‘Hands-free’ sync of contact and activities to CRM
  4. Sustains maintains quality data
  5. Proactive delivery of insights through email
  6. Provides the data essential to make informed business decisions and manage the client experience

This is important information to know, but it’s not really what the webinar was about. The focus of the discussion was less about what Introhive does and more about how: how does Introhive brings value to organizations across multiple industry verticals, global presence, and size?

The nitty gritty of implementing Introhive

The initial implementation of Introhive typically takes between 2 to 4 weeks. Support from Introhive is ongoing ensuring that you have all of the necessary resources for a successful roll-out and continued growth. The process begins with the installation and support from the Introhive Implementation Team.  Then you will be assigned a Customer Success Manager who will work with you as you expand and when need additional support.

Dave Laver, Technical Support Manager is an expert in the first part of the technical installment journey. He described the 3 key elements of initial implementation: 

  • Mail Connector Server
  • Service Account
  • Distribution List

It begins with setting up the service account and distribution list on the customer side. After that, the mail connector is configured. To show just how easy the set-up is with Introhive, this step usually takes only about half an hour, and is done over the phone!

Once the technology is in place, it’s time to get your database in shape. This historical sync which looks back at your past data from however long you choose: 6 months, 12 months or more. At that point users are created on the Introhive side. 

Technically ready, so what happens next? 

The next part of the implementation journey is guided by the Customer Success Team. This is where we heard from Jason McAllister who talked through his role as Senior Customer Success Manager (CSM).

As Jason explained, the role of a CSM is “to support the achievement of your goals and basically ensure that you’re successful and really retain you as a referenceable client. We want you happy, we want you successful, we want to keep you as a client. 

“Personally my goal is to earn the role as a trusted advisor with you and your team, not just in respect to Introhive, but how you use Introhive with your CRM systems, your marketing platforms. That’s pretty important for us so it’s really important about building those relationships.”

The rollout and on-going support with your CSM includes:

  • Early access and best practices
  • Customized rollout—not a one size fits all strategy
  • Training and support for Go Live
  • Goal setting and success metrics
  • Ongoing Support

Training when and how you need it

An essential part of technology roll-out is training. As Jason explained, Introhive’s CSM team offers a variety of training formats, sessions, and materials.  But he was quick to note that “there isn’t a high level of training really required. I think you’ll just find when accessing a lot of it is very intuitive, alot of it just works.  If users are familiar with how to navigate a browser and Outlook, they can use Introhive.”

Real-world solutions for Lupton Fawcett

Providing the ‘street cred’ to the webinar, we heard from James Hood, Head of IT at Lupton Fawcett. As James kicked off he explained the two key problems his firm was looking to solve:

  1. ‘‘We were fully aware that we were not doing CRM properly.’’ This was mostly due to lawyers being lawyers and not wanting to burn chargeable time doing the admin involved with engaging with the CRM system.
  2. At the time the firm was a 250-user full service law firm. From a business perspective, there was a struggle with cross-selling between departments, a very common thing with all professional services firms. 

This is where Introhive came into play, and as James stated, “Introhive came in and waved a seemingly magic wand to solve all of our problems.”

IT often isn’t involved in the sales process until later stages. As head of IT, James had this same experience. His immediate questions from an infrastructure perspective were around resource utilization and how it would impact users. However, following the pilot phase he discovered his concern about the load on the exchange server were totally unfounded. 

“The load was non-existent in terms of anything noticeable, which was a weight off my mind because we didn’t want a situation where we were solving one problem by creating another in a different area of the business,’’ James said.

Lupton Fawcett had a small pilot as they “were happy with the product, could see the value in it so we wanted to get cracking with the rollout.”

Immediate ROI

As James continued, the interesting metrics for Lupton were “taking that 2 to 3 hours a week admin time formerly of putting things in CRM that people should have been doing but weren’t so we weren’t getting the value out of it, into a single email we get on a Friday morning. You tick the bits that you want to synchronize with CRM.”

James concluded on how Introhive ‘‘did literally pay for itself in two weeks…We’re saving hundreds of hours of chargeable hours a week for the cost of a paralegal or a junior solicitor, and in our book that’s not bad going.”

Discover how easy implementing Introhive can be

Learn more about how Introhive could bring value and ROI to your organisation, and see for yourself how the implementation is as quick and easy as blink and you’ll miss it. Book your demo today.

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