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Infographic: How the Best Sales Professionals Use CRM and Technology to Win

It’s a business-eat-business world out there and sales professionals are being forced to embrace and use relationship-based technology if they want to be the best. Those who recognize and understand the importance of embracing technology and how they can use it to achieve their goals are able to stand out in a sea of competition.

In a recent study, we asked sales professionals across North America about their ongoing efforts and how they use technology. We looked to uncover how frequently they use their CRM system, if they’re using tactics like CRM automation, while also unlocking insights to uncover what it takes to be the best.

In the following infographic, we examine elements of a successful sales professionals CRM strategy along with their core sales beliefs. These insights and facts will be further discussed in our upcoming eBook: How the Best Sales Professionals use CRM & Technology to Win. Further, this eBook answers questions surrounding the impact of Social CRM in the future while also uncovering the core elements that go into a successful CRM strategy.


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