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Infographic: Understanding the Game of Sales

A great sales leader understands the game of sales. They recognize the importance of strategy but also understand the truth surrounding concepts of luck and probability. While the game of sales has changed significantly over the last few years, the players on the field are still relatively the same.

In B2B sales, the ultimate goal is to convert customers and retain them. As sales professionals, it’s your job to analyze the inner workings of an organization and identify the key decision makers. While it’s always more effective to be introduced to someone directly in an organization, prospecting your target is always important.

Before contacting someone directly, it’s key to understand or at least have an inside perspective of how their industry works and how you can solve their problems. Sales is built on the foundation of a value exchange so understanding the value you can deliver is key.

Unfortunately, not all prospects are created equal. Depending on their seniority, perspectives and personal biases, some of your prospects will find no value in your services. The CFO might have a completely different opionion than a Manager and a manager might have a completely different opinion from CIO.

The folks at InsideView have put together the following infographic that showcases the game of sales and how you can better navigate your way to success. Following these instructions you’re able to ensure that you’re not invited or involved with many Red Weddings:

Inside View Game of Sales Infographic

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