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Infographic: Understanding the History of Sales – The Big Shift

To say sales has changed over the last few years would be an understatement. Not only has sales changed significantly over the last few years, it’s taken on a whole new form with technology changing the way we do business.

In many ways, sales is beginning to shift back to the early days of sales. You see, once upon a time, sales were made face to face with person to person contact. You bought from people you knew and had a connection with instead of the people with the biggest budgets and fancy ad campaigns.

In the industrial age, sales shifted to a spray and pay model where sales professional became less engaged and less human. We forced our products and services on our customers without truly getting to know the core of their needs. This resulted in customer churn and ultimately a business model that was unsustainable.

Today, technology has given us a chance to connect again. To better understand our prospects while giving us the tools we need to better nurture and build or existing relationships. Additionally, these tools are making sales more human again. We’re back to the days of putting relationships first and building sustainable relationships.

The folks at ProMarketing Leads have put together this infographic highlighting the shift in sales over the last few decades. If one thing is obvious, it’s the fact that the Game of Sales is evolving and businesses need to evolve with it.

What are you doing to stay up with the times?

Understanding the History of Sales

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