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How Introhive enables revenue teams without asking for anything in return

Is there such a thing as altruism? Do people really do things for others without asking for anything in return?

Well, one of the first jobs I ever had involved delivering coupons for free groceries to hundreds of households across Atlantic Canada. The company I worked for distributed a few million dollars worth of their products to families across the country, as an act of goodwill. 

Sure, there was a good chance that people would remember this gesture and in turn buy their products when they went grocery shopping, but it was still a kind, feel-good act that the company provided over the course of a few months without asking for anything in return. 

You’d think the recipients of these free products would be thrilled—that their immediate response would be one of gratitude. Something along the lines of “wow, thanks so much!” I mean, who doesn’t love free stuff!? 

However, the most common response was a slow, skeptical one. Most recipients would say, “This sounds great and all, but what’s the catch?”

Just because it seems to good to be true, that doesn’t mean it is

See, most of us are conditioned to question situations where we receive something without asking for anything in return. We’ve all had those experiences where if something seems too good to be true, it ends up being just that. 

This is also the case when it comes to most business software. We’re often sold a product that promises to be the solution to some of our most pressing business challenges, but we soon discover that it requires a lot of upfront work to derive any of the solution’s benefits. 

How often do you read reviews about software that post a positive review about the outcome or value that it provides, followed by a caveat such as: The solution provided some good insight, however… it required me to login to yet another system…it was difficult to migrate from the other solution I was using… it required a significant amount of configuration and professional services to get up and running… It doesn’t integrate into my workflow…

You know what I mean.

But that’s one of the reasons I love working at Introhive. We really mean what we say.

A whole lot of something for nothing

Introhive understands that the last thing our customers need is a bunch of new hoops to jump through in order to see any value. That’s why we strive to make using our tools as effortless as possible. And that’s why busy professionals love our platform. 

The Introhive platform enables entire organizations to operate at a higher level. It provides them with more time to meet with customers and prospects, it surfaces cross-sell and upsell opportunities and accelerates deal cycles, it prepares them for meetings, all without asking for anything in return! 

With Introhive, you don’t have to enter data into the CRM. You don’t have to pore over old entries to purge out inaccuracies. You don’t really have to do much of anything to get good, clean data that you can trust. When we say it’s effortless, we mean effortless.

You don’t even have to login to anything else. 

Low lift, high value

But the value doesn’t stop there. In fact, that’s just the beginning. Introhive goes on to deliver customer intelligence, recommendations, and alerts directly to professionals. 

One of the biggest stumbling blocks companies face when introducing a CRM is user adoption. There’s all kinds of manual data entry and other busywork typically involved that chews up hours and hours of work time for each person each week. That’s time they could have been spending forging relationships and closing deals. 

Introhive’s combination of automatic data entry and stress-free delivery of insights leads to 100% adoption across organizations, because it requires absolutely zero change in workflow or behaviour. It simply adds value, making revenue teams more efficient and effective. It’s a productivity tool that actually does enhance productivity. 

What’s the catch?

I know what you’re probably thinking: “What’s the catch?”

I’m proud to say there isn’t one, and that’s what sets Introhive apart from most platforms on the market. When it comes to the people who use it, with Introhive they really do get a whole lot of something for absolutely nothing.

Another common saying is that seeing is believing. So don’t take my word for it, see it for yourself. Contact our friendly sales team and book a demo. It won’t cost you anything, but I promise you’ll end up getting a whole lot in return.

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