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Introhive – It’s For Marketing Too

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Earlier this week we were at Canada’s largest marketing event of the year, the Art of Marketing, with over 1,300 marketing professionals in attendance. As part of this event we co-presented with Microsoft during a luncheon to a room of 40 marketing executives. Even though Introhive’s core audience is sales professionals, there are still a number of ways that marketers can leverage Introhive’s relationship data science to optimize their campaigns. Here’s how:

Enhance Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a great way to identify when prospects might be sales-ready. Typically these scores are a combination of behavioral actions such as website visits, content downloads, webinar attendance, etc. as well as organizational characteristics such as size of company and industry they work for, job department and title, and other factors that go into their ideal buyer. Incorporating relationship scores into this mix also allows marketers to not only take into account if the individual has a relationship with someone in their company, but to also apply different values based on the strength of that relationship.

Enhance List Segmentation

Delivering the right content to the right person at the right time is a crucial component of any B2B marketer’s role. One of the most effective ways to manage this is through list segmentation as it allows tailored content to be delivered to a specific audience. Incorporating relationship data into the attributes that dictate these lists allows marketers to further tailor their segmentation by dividing them based on an individual’s relationship strength with your organization and their understanding of your products.

Enhance Stale Campaigns

One of the great things about marketing automation platforms is the ability to create various rules, lists, and content to be delivered to ensure that leads never stay stale for too long. These rules, though, can only rely on the data inside the database. Unfortunately not all activity makes its way into CRM platforms, leaving room for error on having stale campaigns go out to contacts that are actually engaged. Introhive’s automated data solutions make sure that all activities are captured and logged, meaning stale campaigns are only ever going out to contacts who actually need nurturing.


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