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Introhive Q4 2021 product roundup

The Introhive Revenue Acceleration platform is always growing and improving. Discover all the latest changes and updates in our Q4 product roundup.

Tableau activities dashboard

As client-facing employees engage with prospects and customers via email, calls, and meetings, Introhive captures these interactions, enabling customers to analyze these activities in Introhive, CRM, as well as your BI tool of choice. 

To support the analysis of this data, we’ve released a new out of the box activities dashboard for Tableau. This new dashboard can be used to slice and dice activity data by industry, account, contact seniority, country and more.

One of the most unique features is the ability to configure an activity threshold that will flag accounts that haven’t been touched recently. This dashboard is another valuable resource that enables you to monitor response rates, activity levels and keep tabs on how activity levels are trending over time, to ensure you’re maintaining an appropriate level of communication across companies and contacts. 

Post meeting before meeting begins

Introhive makes CRM more effective, automating the entry of contacts and activities as client-facing professionals carry out their daily interactions with prospects and customers.

Another solution Introhive’s platform offers to ensure CRM remains the source of truth for customer data is our Post-meeting note capture. The post meeting capture delivers an email to users shortly before a meeting ends so they can enter relevant notes and assign tasks in CRM simply by replying to the email.

Professionals love the ability to enter data in CRM without having to log in, however, we received feedback from a few customers that they’d like to receive the email prior to the meeting so they could jot down their notes and takeaways throughout the meeting, rather than after the fact, when details may be less fresh in their mind.

Something we pride ourselves on at Introhive is listening and responding to customer feedback to ensure our platform solves real problems. You asked, we listened!

API Enhancements

Every week, customers discover new, game changing ways to use Introhive data to generate insights that elevate their ability to make data-driven business decisions. 

There are near-endless opportunities for analyzing Introhive relationship data. It can be analyzed on it’s own, mashed up with other business data in business intelligence tools, or incorporated directly into the context of other business applications.

This quarter we released a number of new and enhanced APIs to support these innovative applications of Introhive data. For example, Contact, Company, Relationship, and Relationship Capital Score APIs. 

The Relationship Capital Score API for example can be used to embed and monitor your company’s relationship capital score and it’s 90 day trend in relation to other data, for instance, email activity levels. 

Industry Code Enhancements

Providing our customers with better data is a key pillar of our technology—and in our books, to achieve high quantity doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice high quality.

Our data doesn’t stop at just activity and relationship data. We’re also on a mission to hand over as much company intelligence as possible, including industry codes and their descriptions.

With this release, we’ve turned up the volume on the granularity that we offer when it comes to industry codes, both primary and secondary. This allows organizations to slice and dice their segment lists directly in the Introhive portal advanced search function to support finer personalization for marketing campaigns. This data is also available for you to export via csv, or you can leverage via API or data extracts. 

In-app Guidance

A core component of our design philosophy is removing friction and bringing clarity to our users. In support of that philosophy, we’ve introduced the ability to surface in-app user guides throughout the Introhive platform. You can think of these in-app guides as a GPS for users. They’ll be used to help new users navigate the platform, to highlight new or updated features, and much more.

In short, these in-app guides are intended to enable users to get as much value out of the platform as possible, or, to stick with the GPS analogy, to ensure they get to their desired destination. 

Find more product information from Introhive on our blog.

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