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Is Mobile Dependency Good for Business?

Mobile phones have disrupted life and business around the globe.

We’re always connected and always accessible. This new level of connectedness is stirring up lots of debate and conversations around whether or not it’s too much. People argue that this sense of always being connected is ruining the concept of work-life balance; others argue that it’s making organizations more effective. However way you look at it, one thing we can’t deny is that smartphones have changed business forever.

Yet, it’s not just smart phones that are changing business, its also tablets and laptops driving a shift in the way business is done. Business travelers are now able to be effective on their flights, in their hotel rooms and even in the back of a cab.

In business, most professionals would call caffeine their guilty pleasure. Yet, according to this infographic from the folks at PC Housing, WiFi is striving to take the crown from a good ol cuppa Joe. Some of their stats and facts about technology might surprise you and others might make you a bit more self-aware.

Mobile Dependency Infographic from PC Housing
Great Infographic found via PC Housing.

One clear message delivered in this infographic is the power of mobile. A mobile workforce is one that appears to be more effective and more efficient. As organizations accept this fact, they must develop strategies and plans to empower their teams with mobile technology that will allow them to succeed.

Do you travel with a tablet, laptop and mobile device? Do you think this connectedness is a good thing for business?

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