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Law Firm Gould & Ratner Automates Their Data Quality Management Process with Introhive

Introhive | Downtown Chicago at Dawn 300x200 1 | Law Firm Gould & Ratner Automates Their Data Quality Management Process with IntrohiveYour law firm’s CRM is a key ingredient to delivering top notch client experience management, but your relationship with your CRM can be love, hate at times. Having all your client and business development data in one place is invaluable, but driving adoption and usage across your firm can be a struggle.

Making sure your firm’s CRM has complete, accurate, and clean contact data is a challenge that most law firms grapple with, as data is dependant on practitioners in the firm using the system regularly. In reality, CRM adoption is much lower for law firms, which drastically impacts the firm’s overall data quality management. In fact, the 2017 Salesforce Users Benchmark Report found that over half of Salesforce CRM users (58%) believe that up to 80% of their data is not reliable or useful.

Knowing that data quality management in CRM was critical to success, John Byrne, Chief Marketing Officer of Gould & Ratner LLP, began to search for a better way to enhance the completeness and accuracy of client data for his firm’s 50+ attorneys, and 100 employees.

John Byrne Gould RatnerAs a Chicago-based, multi-dimensional firm providing exceptional legal advice to Fortune 500 corporations, financial institutions, international businesses, and more, it was imperative that they had accurate and up-to-date CRM data to help them reach their client service and business development goals.

We recently spoke with John to learn more about how Gould & Ratner improved their data quality management process with CRM automation technology and how others can do it as well.

Overcome the Challenge of Poor Data Quality

At the start of the project, Gould & Ratner had a database of 40,000 contacts with varying quality and completeness of information. Upon further analysis, it was quickly discovered that many of those contacts were from separate, older databases and much of the data included duplicates with varying data consistency.

“When digging into our contacts, I found that we had a legacy database that was imported into our new database. It became clear very quickly that those contacts weren’t clean, accurate, or whole,” John explains.

As you can imagine, this made it very hard for their business development team to find the information they were looking for. And if they were able to find the data they needed, it likely wasn’t accurate.

“Our firm was in the process of migrating CRM systems, but first, we wanted to be able to see which contacts were duplicates and where we had incomplete information to ensure that our data was clean before we moved it to a new CRM,” John continues.

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Automate Data Clean Up Process

Most firms at this stage are forced to engage a 3rd party data cleaning service at high cost or they have to undertake a resource consuming internal project to clean the data themselves. To ensure the successful launch of the firm’s new CRM, the data needed to be addressed first.

“We had two core challenges. We needed to solution that would further centralize our client database but first we needed a way to clean and scrub our data and information. We selected OnePlace CRM due to its strong reputation in the legal industry and its ability to service our needs. But before we could launch OnePlace, we needed to clean up our database. We turned to Introhive, because their Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered automation enabled our firm to quickly and efficiently scrub our old database and enrich the data with fresh and up-to-date information.”

Through Introhive’s CRM data automation and contact sync, Gould & Ratner’s new OnePlace CRM was launched with a fresh and accurate contact database. The Introhive process, powered by leading AI technology, pulls in contact data from a wide range of sources (e.g. emails, calendars, the web, social media platforms like LinkedIn) to ensure that contact records are not only accurate, but also complete with a richer set of relevant and insightful information.

Increase CRM Adoption with Automation

In addition, Introhive’s business intelligence features like Pre-Meeting Digest help the firm’s attorneys more easily prep for client meetings and relationship mapping provides insights into the strength of client relationships to both bolster business development and client retention.

When looking to improve your own data quality management, John suggests looking for a solution that not only improves your CRM data quality, but lessens the burden of manual process for practitioners. By finding a solution that is both easy to use and feature-rich, there’s a better chance that your practitioners, partners and business development team will actually enjoy using your CRM.

The Value of Information, Unleashed

Since implementing Introhive and OnePlace CRM, the results and impact have been substantial. Since launching Introhive, Gould & Ratner has saved over $40,000 in data enrichment services alone.

When asked about the impact Introhive has had on their firm, John says, “Introhive is a platform that has allowed us greater access to our own information. It has unleashed the value of our information in such a way that it allows us to increase our ability to interact with our own people, our clients, other companies and prospects that we already know, let alone new ones we didn’t know were in our network.”

This unleashing of information has allowed Gould & Ratner has identified, scored, and mapped over 100,000 relationships into OnePlace CRM, and 76% of those new relationships were previously unknown or visible to the business development and marketing teams, creating new opportunities to accelerate business growth.

How to Drive Transformation at Your Firm

In order to get the most value and return on investment from your CRM, data quality management and user adoption will be keys to success.

“With Introhive, our lawyers are realizing that they have a useful tool in CRM now to help them manage and grow relationships,” John claims. “And it has increased their comfort with being able to engage with current clients, new prospects, or long-term prospects.”

Want to improve the data quality and user adoption of CRM at your firm? Take a deeper dive into how Gould & Ratner managed this process by reading their full customer success story.

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