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Join the big leagues when your CRM guides you to better performance

A high performing, knowledgeable team is the dream. But where do you start?

In other blogs, we have discussed how you can automate, cleanse and reveal insights that are in your CRM by using Introhive. And whilst those individually are great feats to achieve, you need a direction to take and a purpose to drive you.

By understanding where you want your team to be in X amount of time, you can begin to work backwards to understand where your gaps are. From conversations with firms in multiple industries, Introhive has found that Sales teams and leaderships teams have these concerns:

  • Limited understanding/awareness on best path to proceed on deals
  • Finite amount of time
  • Limited access to coaching
  • Challenging to ramp reps
  • Understanding what the best reps do
  • Difficult to prioritize the right opportunities and activities
  • Challenging to manage all deals in the pipeline (keep all the balls in the air)
  • Limited time and resource to scale coaching 
  • Difficult to effectively manage the work of the team, and ensure that each member is working on the most appropriate revenue-producing projects
  • Distributed / remote sales team
  • Difficult to accurately predict and deliver on forecasted revenue
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How does CRM-powered guidance work?

Introhive is a Revenue Intelligence platform that can analyze your data to see what sales individuals are doing. Your CRM + Introhive can reveal insights into the health of your opportunities, managers can accurately forecast revenue and identify which opportunities hold the most potential. Introhive can guide you in making the best actions to move those deals forward.

Team leaders can unearth what makes top performers perform well and equip everyone with the insights required to operate at their optimum level.

Implement team-wide AI-guided selling that improves performance across the board by delivering insights into the best actions to take next, when and where they’re needed the most.

Talk to us, and let Introhive be your partner along the Revenue Acceleration journey.

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