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Leveraging Relationships – It’s More Than Just LinkedIn

As we wrote a couple weeks ago in our blog post Don’t Take Short Cuts With Social Selling meaningful relationships can be a great source for generating leads and accelerating sales cycles. These relationships aren’t simply created by sending a single tweet or InMail message though. Jill Rowley nailed it on the head when she recently tweeted “Social Selling is building RELATIONSHIPS; not amassing followers”.

Whether it is life-long friends, family members, past and current co-workers or business acquaintances, you’re surrounded by connections. Companies also recognize the potential of connections when it comes to business development – searching LinkedIn accounts and profiles is practically engrained into most B2B sales organizations. In fact, LinkedIn has become such a popular source of intel that their last 4th quarter results saw revenue from premium subscriptions jump 38% to $121 million when compared to the previous years 4th quarter.

While obviously a popular resource, unfortunately lots of valuable connections go undiscovered, as LinkedIn is still predominately used by Sales, Marketing, and HR teams. That means all those potential relationships possessed by those working for your finance or development teams, for example, remain untapped.

Even if you’ve located connections on LinkedIn, remember that this is just scratching the surface. Do you develop most of your true relationships through just one platform? Chances are, probably not. Connections don’t simply live in social, but also in your email contact books and your mobile devices. Analyzing our Introhive database only 42% of individuals’ contact relationships exist as connections on LinkedIn with the rest simply living in mail and mobile sources.

When looking to leverage your company’s relationships, LinkedIn is a great place to start – but don’t forget to expand your search to other areas, too. Whether it’s sending around an email to co-workers, asking about connections on corporate tools like Yammer and Chatter, or searching on an enterprise scale like the one that Introhive offers, you might just be surprised who’s sitting under your nose, waiting to hear from you.

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