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Earn respect by making an impact on revenue with upsell campaigns—Part 4 of PMM with Julie Taylor

This is part 4 of a multi-part series all about Product Marketing. Introhive’s Director of Product Marketing, Julie Taylor, will guide you through the ins and outs of creating a product marketing group from scratch. You might want to begin with the introduction to the series if you haven’t already.

In this series, Julie draws upon her own experience and extensive research, letting you in on all (well, almost all) of her trade secrets about essential PMM programs, and passing along all the lessons she’s learned along the way to building a successful team that made the finalists in 2021’s Product Marketing Awards.

In this instalment, Julie talks about proving your value to the organization by boosting revenue through marketing-driven upsell campaigns. Product Marketing is a lot more than making decks and slide look pretty.

Prove that you do more than just make slides pretty

This one is a biggie folks. 

I have seen so many product marketers get pinned into a content corner of the organization—seen as the people who make one pagers & data sheets, and spend their time “making slides look pretty.” 

This comes down to 3 potential reasons in my mind:

  1. You haven’t claimed your stake in the organization
  2. You haven’t celebrated your successes or spread your learnings
  3. Or… You haven’t made a direct impact on revenue

That last bullet is a fast route to establishing PMM’s identity. It’ll give you the success story you need to accomplish all of the other initiatives on your bucket list. 

Dream big—upsell your product and show off what Product Marketing can do

At the start of this year, I had a dream. (literally, i woke up my husband when I jolted out of bed).

We have this kick ass product that was really hitting it’s stride and making unbelievable impact in the organizations that were using it. I wanted to get this product in the hands of the masses. Normally, we marketers first think of attracting new business, but my goal was to promote to our existing customers—so they too, could experience the joys and benefits of clean data, in a cinch. 

We got hard to work compiling a focused upsell campaign. 

  1. First step was to identify a small number of key accounts. We took into consideration the package they had purchased, their account health status, their compatibility, and most importantly, people that expressed the pain point that this solution solved. We came up with around 12 account—nice and targeted so that we could test out the concept of an upsell campaign to see if it had legs
  2. Secondly, we chose a time frame—for us, the quarter made sense
  3. Then we rallied the troops—pulling applicable customer success managers and sales directors and getting them bought into the program
  4. Next up: incentives—incentives on two fronts
    1. What’s in it for me from the customer perspective. We put together program discounts if they signed within the quarter. But there still needed to be a carrot. We decided to pull together a Free 30 day trial for the product. This removes the pitch and lets the product sell itself
    2. What’s in it for the CSM? They’re used to supporting the customer’s success—how can we encourage them to work closely with marketing and sales as a revenue team. We pulled together an incentive structure that would encourage accomplishing key milestones and activities, including of course, a successful upsell by end of the period
  5. After we had solved for that, we threw on our true-blue marketing hats and got to work creating the package. This package acted as the homebase CSMs and AEs could use to strategize on how they would capture the attention of our key accounts. It included EVERYTHING they would need to sell. It had a calendar, suggested touchpoints, all copy and scripts needed for phone calls, emails, and videos. It included persona profiles, customer stories to reference, recorded customer testimonials, a way to map pain points, potential objections, links to collateral
  6. Externally, we also created a series of blogs to support, rolled out a gift delivery with the help of Sendoso, put together a digital ad campaign, and last but not least, we activated a customer-led event where our customers took the audience through how they use the product, why they use the product and the value they’ve seen since implementation
  7. To keep the team aligned, we had an enablement session where we kicked off the campaign, we had regular internal communication and a slack channel to keep everyone attuned to where we were at with the campaign

Show me the money

So I know what you’re thinking: how did we make out? Well, we had a 42% conversion and an 8.4x return on investment. As an off-shoot of these efforts, it also created momentum in 20+ more opportunities, strengthened internal relationships between customer success, marketing and sales, and made Introhive Cleanse easier to sell…period.

This year, we’ve led 4 coordinated upsell campaigns. Through this program and by directly impacting revenue, it’s amplified product marketing’s voice and deepened our influence. The exciting part is now we’re knee-deep in pulling together a calendar for 2022 and it will include retention and utilization campaigns as well.

So…if you’re in the grind and the majority of your time is spent creating content, I urge you to take a step back. Every gap is an opportunity to flex your creativity, align teams, and drive impact. 

Keep it coming

You should be feeling pretty confident about the important role you plat as a Product Marketer, but Julie’s not done with you yet. Get ready to learn all about being the Voice of the Customer in the next installment, and while you’re waiting for the rest of the series you should also take a peek at more from Introhive’s Product Marketing group.

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