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Danny Estrada Shares How to Maximize Engagement at AICPA Engage

Introhive | v1 LinkedIN | Danny Estrada Shares How to Maximize Engagement at AICPA EngageAs you prepare to attend AICPA Engage next week, take to heart these words of advice for getting the most from the event. Danny Estrada – Founder of E Squared, a CRM strategy and management consulting firm – has attended the conference every year since 2013, and is eagerly anticipating this year’s gathering in Las Vegas.

Why AICPA Engage is a Must-Attend Event

AICPA Engage brings together professionals from technology, business development, and marketing disciplines, along with principals and partners of accounting firms. By sharing their unique experiences and perspectives on common issues, they provide interesting and proven approaches to addressing challenges facing many in similar positions. According to Danny, “Accounting professionals from every size organization get an unprecedented chance to network, brainstorm with, and learn from peers hailing from non-competing firms.”

“In just a few days, you get up to date on best practices, industry trends, and technology advances and how they’re being applied, all from the perspective of those in the accounting profession,” he continues.

As co-chair of the business development committee for the Association of Accounting Marketing (AAM), Danny will be attending AAM-related sessions so he can share interesting and insightful content with AAM’s membership. As Danny explains, “This year’s annual AAM conference is being combined with AICPA Engage. That gives me a unique opportunity to learn from others focused on business development in accounting firms.”

Make the Most of Your Time at the Event

It always pays to attend conferences with a game plan in place to ensure you walk away with actionable takeaways. Here are Danny’s tips for putting together a winning plan:

  • Do your homework. Review the agenda, session descriptions, and networking opportunities, and prepare your itinerary so you hit the ground running the minute you arrive.
  • Define your 2-3 goals for the conference. Whether you want to attend specific sessions, meet specific people (such as like-minded professionals or vendors), or something else, document your top aims to guide your time at the event.
  • Don’t go it alone. If this is your first time at AICPA Engage, the conference organizers can assign you a conference guide who will help you figure out where to focus and how you can apply your learnings once you’re back in the office.

Opportunities to Connect

Danny encourages conference attendees to seek him out. If you happen to run into him at a session or during breaks, he welcomes the opportunity to connect. Otherwise, you can find him at the following:

  • Marketing Automation Bootcamp. On Monday, 6/12, from 1-4:30 pm, Danny and Kyle Chandler of the Hileman Group will teach what they call an accelerated MBA in Marketing Automation. This three-and-a-half hour bootcamp will help attendees understand today’s typical buyer; the ins and outs of marketing automation, and how it differs from email marketing; and how to evaluate and select from all the solutions available. Danny promises attendees will walk away with practical information they can put to use once they’re back in the office.
  • Introhive booth. Known as the “CRM adoption guy” and a practitioner involved in more than 500 CRM projects, Danny is always sharing information about methods, tools, and applications that can help ease the lives of those in customer-facing roles. From his spot in the Introhive booth, he will explain how the Introhive platform is designed to boost user adoption and engagement. “Introhive translates what it hears from prospects and customers into tools that are intuitive and appealing to users. Those in accounting should find it quite interesting to see how their organizations can benefit.”

If you’re looking for ways to fine-tune your organization’s competitive edge, it’s well worth your while to attend AICPA Engage. Hope to see you there next week! And be sure to visit Danny in the Introhive booth 215 of the Exhibit Hall. He’d love to meet you – and so would we!

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