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Monitoring and maximizing sales productivity with Time Coach

Whether you’re an outside sales team who used to be racking up miles and working tradeshows and conferences or an inside sales team that was hitting the phones on the sales floor, the way you sold, and where you used to sell, has been disrupted. 

As sellers are transitioning from the sales floor to the kitchen table, they are at risk of becoming disconnected and misaligned. The question many sales organizations are asking is, “how can we maintain alignment and productivity in a remote environment?”

The answer is in the data!

As sellers complete activities throughout the day and week, each of their interactions represents a valuable data point. The catch is, this data is only valuable if it is logged in CRM. With the average SDR completing over 90 activities per day, we simply can’t expect them to log them individually, as this would take valuable time away from sellers that would be better spent on revenue-generating activities.  Luckily, Introhive automatically captures this data through our innovative CRM automation solutions like Smart Sync to help teams improve sales productivity with little more than the click of a button.

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Thanks to our automation solutions, organizations now have access to a trove of historical activity data including calls, emails, and meetings. In order to make this data as actionable and insightful as possible, we created Time Coach, which provides you with visibility into where and with how your client-facing reps are investing their time. 

With this data captured and displayed on a series of easy to read dashboards, it can prove extremely valuable to stakeholders across the organization.

Individual contributors can analyze and compare their own activity levels to those of their colleagues, and team leads can look at the data from a birds-eye view to spot trends and behaviours associated with top performers. 

Marketers can identify Accounts being engaged to determine where they should allocate their Marketing spend or boost their Account-Based Marketing efforts, and Sales leaders can identify which accounts or clients are being engaged or at risk of going stale.

Track sales productivity with Hustle Score

Time Coach also generates unique out of the box insights, like the Hustle Score, which indicates the percentage of time in a week that sellers and teams are spending engaging in sales activities with prospects and clients. Knowing that activities drive results, the Hustle Score provides an objective understanding of the time that is being invested in activities that can drive growth for the organization. 

Time Coach provides you with the activity intelligence you need to take a data-driven approach to maximize sales productivity and performance. 

 “How you gather, manage, and use information will determine whether you win or lose.”

– Bill Gates

Interested in learning how you can leverage activity intelligence to boost seller productivity and performance? Check out our on-demand webinar for an in-depth look at Time Coach and the rest of the Productivity Intelligence suite! 

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